Breeding of layers

Breeding of layers

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That of the hens laying hens it's a breeding quite easy to set up. Agritourisms and small farms that carry out direct sales could also make a certain profit by marketing eggs. To organize a breeding of hens laying hens it will be necessary to have a shelter and an area for grazing.

For a breeding of 15-20 hens laying hens a 4 × 4 meter shelter and a grazing area with a fence that delineates 500 square meters is recommended. 500 square meters may seem too much for one breeding but it is necessary to guarantee the animals the right well-being, in addition, fruit plants that do not require pesticide treatments could be inserted within this surface. If at laying hens the right welfare will be ensured, each head will be able to guarantee the production of 120-180 eggs per year.

If a farm or a farmhouse can set up a breeding of 15-20 laying hens (plus one or two roosters), according to the provisions of ASL, a citizen can raise up to a maximum of 10 hens for the self-production of eggs.

For the purchase of animals, it is better to buy laying hens 18-20 weeks old, choose the local breeds so as to ensure the maximum rusticity as regards the adaptation of the species to the environment. L'breeding it is conducted in a closed hospitalization for the first 40-60 days and thereafter laying hens will be able to freely exploit the grazing area: the presence of shade plants in the grazing area of ​​the laying hens. To get the hens used laying hens grazing, follow the instructions we have provided in this article.

For a breeding of 10 hens, a 2 × 2 meter box and a more limited grazing area will suffice. L'breeding it will have to be organized with an easy-to-clean litter box, perches to ensure the rest of the hens, a linear feeder and a drinking trough. If you are just approaching the world of farms, at the end of our guide entitled "How to raise laying hens", you will find all the useful information, step by step.

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