Green Oncology: green in the ward is always good

Green Oncology: green in the ward is always good

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Green Oncology" it's possible! Also oncology can take into account its impact on the environment. The first to be sure is Roberto Labianca, the president of CIPOMO (Italian College of Primary Medical Oncologists in Hospital), an association that in May 2012 launched a real "Manifesto on Green Oncology". It is an invitation to a change in the conceptual paradigm of oncology in the twenty-first century. Here's in what direction.

1) When was CIPOMO born? With which mission? How many are you today?
We are a non-profit association for the protection and promotion ofmedical oncology under the scientific, professional and institutional aspect. Our main aims are: to strengthen the medical oncology structures present in hospitals, to favor interdisciplinary scientific research, staff training and collaboration between primary oncologists, the Ministry of Health and the public administration in general. Finally, we promote training and health information activities to the public, voluntary associations, the press. CIPOMO includes the primary hospitals responsible for complex operating units of Medical Oncology.

2) How much has scientific research recently been oriented towards respect for the environment?
In recent years, a journey of greater awareness has begun but we are still in a primordial phase, much still needs to be done. As primary medical oncologists we believe that the goal of sustainability it must be obtained through the awareness that our behaviors and our decisions take on a great value, especially when the prescription of certain tests does not bring any direct benefit to the patient, but on the contrary it generates pollution. Last year we highlighted the huge number of PET and CT scans that are performed every year in Italy, some of which were carried out perhaps for an evident defensive medicine.

3) What does Green Oncology mean? A few examples?
Green Oncology is the new conceptual and operational paradigm of oncology that abandons the traditional biomedical model, centered on the interest of the individual patient and his exclusive relationship with the doctor. There Green Oncology it is an evolution towards participatory clinical actions with patients, shared between the various health professionals, and eco-responsible for the potential impact on the human, professional, structural, technological and organizational environment in which they originate, as well as on the biosphere. We have also prepared a decalogue on the Green Oncology, among the various points the invitation to contain off-label drug prescriptions, for example, or to take advantage of all the possible reimbursement possibilities (cost sharing, risk sharing, payment by results) of the drugs and the reminder to merge them day patients who need to be treated with the same drug.

4) Does it cost more to operate according to the "dictates" of Green Oncology?
No, on the contrary there can also be savings; but our first objective is not a generic reference and contribution to the spending review, however important and necessary it may be. There Green Oncology it is an invitation to a change in the conceptual paradigm of oncology in the twenty-first century.

5) How do you consider the ministerial standards in this regard?
We believe that our contribution is a necessary start and spur that generates reflection at ministerial level, we hope that it generates an adjustment of the standards currently envisaged.

6) What happens in other countries? From whom to take an example?
Definitely the United States of America and in particular ASCO, the US association of oncologists. Other interesting contributions are to be recorded, for example, in Great Britain, but Italy, with pride, can be considered a forerunner with respect to these issues.

7) How much awareness is there in patients about Green Oncology?
As in all areas where green thinking has been launched, we are also at the first steps in oncology. The Manifesto on Green Oncology It was launched by CIPOMO in May 2012. However, we immediately noticed significant interest in the general public and we receive signals in this sense every day through contact with our patients.

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