The best varieties of cherry tomatoes

The best varieties of cherry tomatoes

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In this article we talked about the most popular variety of tomatoes, today we will focus on those that, due to their small size, are defined in the common jargon "Cherry tomatoes". There are numerous variety of cherry tomatoes, they can have both spherical and oval shape. Based on variety of cherry tomatoes the weight of the single berries can vary between 10 and 30 grams, nothing to do with the 250 grams of Optima tomatoes or the 150 grams of San Pietro tomatoes.

If you like the small tomatoes you will have to choose one variety which proposes cluster growth. Each cluster can carry up to 50 Cherry tomatoes! In this context, the variety of cherry tomatoes more common is the cherry or F1 cherry type (slightly larger). There variety of cherry tomatoes Cherries are indeterminate growth, which means that if you want to grow them on the balcony, you will need a brace.

Others variety of cherry tomatoes indeterminate growth and small in size like the cherry type, are the Suncherry variety (the small tomato in the photo above), Pepe and Chipano. Among the varieties with determined growth we can mention the Nano cherry and the Lilliput. THE Cherry tomatoes mentioned so far have fruits that reach a maximum size of 30 grams. They are generally spherical in shape and bright red in color.

A variety of cherry tomatoes more oval are those of type datterino. The datterino plants have fruits with a particularly sweet pulp and an average weight that varies between 10 and 15 grams. Most of the variety they have indeterminate growth but on the market there are also varieties with determined growth. In the case of the variety of the datterini, it is recommended to cultivate the plant in order to obtain two stems: in this case the production of cherry tomatoes will be more abundant!

As for the harvest, whether it is cherry, pepper or suncherry variety, the ripe fruit must be removed from the plant in order to bring a high quality product to the table!

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