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Thermoregulation to save energy

Thermoregulation to save energy

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There are still too few people who have a good relationship with thethermoregulation. Adjusting the temperature of each housing unit could lead to significant savings on the bill by avoiding the emission of tons of greenhouse gases. There are numerous systems forthermoregulation, the simplest and certainly the most widespread is the thermostat, immediately followed by the thermostatic heads mounted on the radiators and by the chronothermostat which allows the temperature to be adjusted according to hourly programs.

The market forthermoregulationincludes many devices unknown to most of the Italian population. How many of you can claim to have one of these appliances at home?

  • Zone regulation system.
  • Home automation: complete automated systems, capable of managing temperature, lighting, alarms ...
  • Remote control: a device that allows you to control and adjust the temperature even from a distance. The most striking example is given by remote control using Smartphone Applications such as Nest, the thermostat for sale on the Apple Store.

One example among many of thermoregulationis the device "evohome " which allows the intelligent distribution of heat and can be associated with all types of heating systems: underfloor, radiator, heat pump, boilers ... Not to mention the possibility of using geothermal energy to regulate the temperature of the house!

In Italy, thethermoregulationof each housing unit is governed by the D.P.R. 2 April 2009, n. 59. This law requires that "a chronothermostat, thermostat or other device capable of automatically regulating the temperature must be installed in each room or single zone with uniform usage and exposure characteristics“.

The systems ofthermoregulationthe easiest to install are, without a doubt, those that use wireless equipment (via radio) or by connecting to the home network, the commercial example of this system is given by the aforementioned Nest thermostat or by wireless programmable thermostats, powered by batteries and capable of programming the temperatures by time slots, proposed by the Italian company PDA Energy or the technological arsenal forthermoregulationproposed with Bticino My Home.

HVAC systems (English acronym for "Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning“) Represent the heaviest item on the energy bill and consequently, their optimization through devicesthermoregulationcan guarantee big savings.

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