Ecological Villages, the Italian meeting

Ecological Villages, the Italian meeting

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A different world made by ecological villages, this is the ideal of the 15th national meeting of the Italian Ecological Villages Network (RIVE). The meeting will be held in the province of Viterbo from 28 to 31 July. The meeting will be held at Vignale, a very young ecovillage located in the tufaceous setting of the hills of Blera, in the province of Viterbo. The location was not chosen by chance, the Vignale rises between water and earth, washed by the Mignone river, it was a site where for millennia citizens of different origins met and clashed. July will undoubtedly be one of the richest encounters among the Ecovillages of Italy so that Vignale will once again be a place of communication and exchange.

This year's theme will be "the transition inside and outside of us“, I ecological villages of Italy are all very different from each other. There are those who apply themselves to renewables, those who take care of crafts and those who focus on agriculture but all are inspired by a model of sustainable life from an environmental point of view but also from a spiritual, socio-cultural and economic point of view. The July meeting will see a series of workshops aimed at stimulating an ideology that sees man satisfying his own needs by improving the prospects of future generations. Communities can be fully satisfied without usurping the goods of the Earth, on the contrary, leaving behind great innovations to their children and grandchildren.

RIVE joins the Global Ecovillage Network project and offers examples of how people and communities can live healthily by moving towards a more sustainable. The culture promoted is that of mutual respect, sharing and exchange. The meeting of the Italian Ecological Villages Network will be a further food for thought. Last year the event welcomed a large presence of children and also next summer it is preparing to open its doors to the little ones with a series of interactive entertainments.

To arrive at the meeting in line with the philosophy of RIVE, it is advisable to travel by train, from Rome go towards Cura di Vetralla, then take the Cotral bus to Blera and finally the local bus to Civitella Cesi and get off at the Vignale stop. A valid alternative is the bicycle. Those responsible for the meeting are participating in the preparation of a cycle path that from Capranica or Civitavecchia, via the abandoned Ronciglione-Civitavecchia railway, reaches Vignale. Participation in the event is subject to a fee, but all those who will go in advance to help the eco-villagers in the assembly and disassembly of the equipment will be exempt from the fee.

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