Domestic Galagon

Domestic Galagon

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Made famous, or almost, by one poetry of our Giorgio Caproni, the galogone it is a rather mysterious African animal, which lives mainly at night and does not aim to be the center of attention. This mammal, is a small primate that inhabits the intertropical zone of the African continent.

Seeing the images it is immediately clear that it is one small or medium-sized monkey, characterized by a very long and hairy tail and hind limbs more extended than the front ones. Even the Galogone legs attract attention, not so much for their shape but because they are particularly powerful. These primates are in fact able to make really incredibly big jumps and do not spare themselves in wandering through the jungle in leaps.

Domestic Galagon

The galogone often comes connected to Senegal and also its scientific name, "galago senegalensis", reaffirms the concept. It also lives in other areas but certainly not a primate suitable to stay in our homes. This applies to all four monkey subspecies we know: Galago senegalensis braccatus, Galago senegalensis dunnae, Galago senegalensis senegalensis and Galago senegalensis sotikae.

In addition to Senegal we can find it in other countries belonging to the Sahelian belt of Africa, among which we find for example Kenya. In some areas, for example in Zanzibar, the galogon was then introduced by us but this does not mean that it has become a pet, on the contrary, it continues to stubbornly prefer the areas of dry wooded or bushy savannah.

Galagon: animal

Let's go to better describe the characteristics of this animal that is easy to confuse with other monkey species of similar size, that is, of a length that is around thirty centimeters, including the tail which alone, however, measures about a dozen. The total weight of a galogon is in fact about 300 grams: it is certainly not a heavy primate, this helps it to make agile jumps.

The the galogone's hair is thick and woolly, does not have a particularly pleasant color, on the contrary, his is a rather anonymous color that can be defined as gray, on the back. To the belly the hair becomes lighter and shades may appear that tend to brown but nothing particular.

As often happens in the morphology of nocturnal animals, too the galogoni have very large eyes that stand out in the dark and that occupy most of their small head, with pleasant, soft and almost human shapes. Speaking of eyes, it should also be explained that these monkeys, like others, they see in black and white. The ears are also particular, not only due to their exaggerated dimensions compared to those of the skull, but also due to the fact that they are composed of four independent transverse bridges which make them very mobile.

Moving on to the hands, those of galogon have opposable thumbs and swollen fingertips, this feature is useful for the animal's agility because it increases the contact surface with smoother surfaces. By carefully observing the index of the hind legs, you can see that the nail has a particular shape, especially for grooming. For the same purpose, the lower incisors of the galagon they go to form a comb

Galagone images

Here are some pictures of our little monkey. There is no doubt that it is a particularly tender-looking animal. Arouses sympathy, a little for the big eyes, a little for the soft, decidedly plush fur. Those who really want a plush toy can also easily buy it online, at 15 euros, branded Trudi, from 15 cm. A live specimen would be fed with insects in abundant doses! Find other monkeys but always not domestic ones, in the articles dedicated to monkey of Brazil , to Bonobo monkeyand ai Machachi

Galagon pups

This primate has no particular reproductive problems because it works that each male mates with as many females as possible and each female is able to manage two litters a year, weaning them. Usually one takes place in November, at the beginning of the rainy season, and another in February.

Gestation lasts about 4 months, each time a couple of puppies that within three months, maximum four, they are able to eat solid food and to get it for themselves. There sexual maturity reaches the tenth month, the average life span of a bushbaby is 4 years, in nature, if instead it is raised and kept in a cage, it also exceeds ten years.

The diet of these monkeys is very varied, it also follows the seasons. In the wet one among the main ingredients of the diet we find insects, especially locusts, but also small birds, bird eggs, fruit and seeds. In dry periods, the menu changes, contenting ourselves with the rubber that oozes from the incisions in the trunks of some species of acacia

Galagoni or Bush Babies

The term "bush babies" corresponds to Italian "Children of the forest" and it is a nickname linked to the size of this cute little monkey, but also by its features that recall those of children. The eyes, the features, the sound that it emits and that recalls the cry of a newborn. To make it special, in the night, also the luminescence that its eyes emit. The light rays of the moon pass through the retina and bounce off the tapetum lucidum which makes the eyes glow.

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