Colloidal gold: what it is for and opinions

Colloidal gold: what it is for and opinions

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Everyone knows that gold is a precious metal, in church decorations, ornaments and vases. Few know that it is good for health but perhaps because few know whatcolloidal gold. The time has come to get to know it and find out how much this metal can do well, in small doses, even if not worn in the shape of earrings, necklaces or bracelets, whatever you prefer. Would you ever have said that? but yet gold in colloidal form, has incredible therapeutic properties, from both a physical and psychological point of view, both at a chemical and bioenergy level.

Colloidal gold: what it is

To understand what thecolloidal gold it is necessary to investigate the various types of gold that exist, discovering that there is a big difference between Inorganic gold and "organic" gold in colloidal form, that is, usable by the human body.

Colloidal gold is a colloidal suspension, in fact, in a fluid, of gold particles but we are talking about sub-micrometric particles. The fluid in question is usually the water that goes to take a intense red color when inside it has dissolved particles smaller than 100 nm in size. If the particles are larger then the water "soiled" with gold takes on a color that tends more to yellow, dirty, deep yellow, not close to green but always reddish brown.

Colloidal gold: precious metal

L'colloidal gold it is precious for our health, it proves to be an effective remedy against many diseases of both the body and the spirit as it acts on two levels, physical and psychic.

On a psychic level thecolloidal gold it has a strong value from the energetic point of view because it is able to increase the resonance frequency of the cells that host it. When water is enriched with gold nano particles, it has a beneficial effect on the whole body because it contributes to distribution of a harmonic frequency which optimizes the overall harmonic resonance frequency of the cell by raising it to higher levels.

These higher levels would be healthier. Many are perplexed from this point of view, there are studies on the matter but also many doubts. From a physical point of view, the action ofcolloidal gold it would seem more proven. Gold in water, in small doses, should help create the optimal conditions for cells to function at their best.

This precious metal acts as a catalyst and facilitates physiological functions, when physical processes are altered, its presence is really useful because it contributes to the recovery of the balance that we have momentarily lost. Precisely for this reason ability to "rebalance", colloidal gold is considered precious in the treatment of many diseases, including degenerative ones.

Colloidal gold: what is it for

From a psychological point of view, this metal is considered an element capable of renew our life force. Those who believe in it claim that it acts deeply even on the DNA of cells, creating the optimal environment for the body to react and reverse degenerative conditions.

Today colloidal gold is used to fight many diseases includingrheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism and syphilis. There are studies that show how this metal in organic form can also be used to treat diseases such as tuberculosis, multiple sclerosis, or disorders such as sexual dysfunction, spinal problems, discoid lupus, glandular and nervous incoordination, bronchial asthma.

In the treatment of Alzheimer's disease it has been tried to use in vitro seeing how the combination of microwave irradiation and colloidal gold can destroy fibers and beta-amyloid plaques. Finally, it seems that this gold has a certain direct effect on the cells, especially those of the brain and nerves, this makes it a metal with sedative properties which, however, fortunately, do not affect the transmission of nerve impulses.

Colloidal gold: opinions

There is caution oncolloidal gold, there are many studies and there are many perplexities, especially when it is to replace other tried and proven medical therapies. There are specialists who claim that colloidal gold can also have good effects in the treatment of cancer.

In particular, Edward H. Ochsner, a US surgical doctor, would argue that colloidal gold may have an inhibitory effect on the growth of tumors. He has done some research and believes it can help reduce the size of tumors, relieve pain, a improve appetite and digestion, and to increase weight and physical strength. All to be verified.

Among the various opinions oncolloidal gold there are also those of the "followers" of the bioenergetic theory, followers convinced that this metal is an excellent cure for emotional instability and that it can drive out anxiety, fear, anguish and depression.

Colloidal gold in the pharmacy

For centuries this metal has been used in this form, it is nothing new. For example, we find it used to produce some surgical instruments, in traditional Chinese medicine, for example, there are needles of this material used in acupuncture. In pharmacies we can find it as an ingredient in some "Anti-aging" creams and in certain balms where it is used to increase the effectiveness of the formulation.

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