Bioresonance: use and costs

Bioresonance: use and costs

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Bioresonance is considered to belong to the holistic medicine. It is an energetic therapeutic method that uses the electromagnetic waves produced by cells to cure body imbalances. We can also call it moraterapia, a name born as an acronym of the surnames of its inventors, Morell and Rasche, two scientists who were stubborn to see the person as a whole and not as a simple sum of the individual organs. If they hadn't had this vision, the bioresonance it would not have been invented. Now let's see what it is and to whom it could be useful.

Bioresonance: definition

By definition it is a therapy that uses oscillations or oscillations for therapeutic purposes electromagnetic frequencies that each patient's body cells produce. All we do is stimulate the body so that it self-regulates and is able to regain its energy balance. It can therefore be safely said that this therapy aims atself-healing, we find it applied in the presence of diseases or functional disorders related to the various organs.

Bioresonance: use

"Various organs" means everything and nothing, so let's get to better understand how such a therapy can be useful and to whom. It should be understood above all as a practice belonging to "regulatory" medicine as well as acupuncture and homeopathy, this means that it will not give immediate effects as if we were taking a drug of a chemical nature of those prescribed by traditional medicine.

In what context can we take advantage of the action of bioresonance? To date, excellent results have been recorded in the treatment of auto-immune pathologies such as food intolerances but also in cases of neuro-dermatitis, bronchial asthma, asthmatic bronchitis, chronic eczema and polyarthritis.

We can try this "energetic" way with optimism also to cure cimmune arenze, food allergies, inhalative allergies, poisoning from environmental poisons or viruses. There are those who use bioresonance to stimulate the healing of post-operative wounds or for the treatment of rheumatism and pain of various kinds such as neuralgia, migraines, headaches of allergic origin and menstrual syndrome.

Bioresonance: opinions

There are some skeptics towards the bioresonance just as there are skeptics towards traditional medicine and it is the latter who usually turn to this kind of alternative therapies. In general we find bioresonance often applied to children or to all those who are looking for a solution for allergies and intolerances, circulatory diseases, inflammatory states and pains, metabolic or psychosomatic diseases seem to benefit greatly.

It should be noted that this therapy is not necessarily to be understood as opposed to classical medicine, very often in fact we find it used as integrative method during traditional treatments, for example in order to reduce the amount of medicines to be taken to avoid any side effects and lower the level of intoxication in the body.

Bioresonance: contraindications

Being a natural practice, the bioresonance is devoid of side effects which can instead occur in the case of pharmacological treatments, moreover it is not invasive at all and it is convenient to do, there is not even the need to undress or to take particular positions. However, there are cases in which it is not recommended, for example in the presence of people with pace-makers, people with severe epilepsy, transplant recipients or pregnant women.

Bioresonance: operation

06 For the more curious, at the bottom of the article, a few hints of what lies behind this practice cannot be missing. Everything is based on the natural law according to which all organic processes of every living being are caused and controlled by electromagnetic oscillations of different frequency, intensity, duration, and waveform. The fact is that every living cell emits electromagnetic waves that propagate with the speed of light, bringing with them information on the state of the cell itself and on the mechanisms useful for maintaining a good state of health.

Each signal is a mix of pathological and physiological information and is specific and individual. In 1977, the German doctor Franz Morell has embraced the idea of ​​directly intervening on the level of bioenergetic control and has invented a bioresonance device capable of capturing the oscillations from the organism's bioenergetic control level and processing them into individual therapeutic signals. More importantly, he also managed to create a filter to separate physiological, i.e. healthy, frequencies from pathological ones. Thanks to this it then became possible to go to work in a much more targeted way on the “unhealthy” frequencies.

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