Element Energia: solutions for energy saving

Element Energia: solutions for energy saving

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Element Energy is an Italian company that operates in the renewable energy sector and pays attention to the protection of the environment and the pockets of the consumer.

Thanks to a partnership undertaken with the Emmevi company, Element Energy is able to propose ad hoc solutions complete with roof remaking (possible Eternit disposal) and installation of photovoltaic systems by adopting different technical solutions: roofing in corrugated sheets, sandwich panels, bituminous membranes, roofing tiles or similar, sheet metal work, skylights and life. The standard measurement of a 280-330 watt module is 1.67 x 1.00 m. Therefore, for a domestic system, usually it does not exceed 20 square meters.

The solutions and services offered by Element Energia

  • Customized ordinary maintenance contracts
  • Retrofit monitoring system with fault warning alerts
  • Practical assistance Energy Service Manager (GSE)
  • Customs paperwork assistance
  • Photovoltaic system adjustments (practices and adaptation intervention)
  • Tailor-made solutions for corporate energy savings
  • Revamping solutions for existing turnkey systems (practices, design, installation)
  • Turnkey installation of photovoltaic systems and storage systems

Here is a demonstration video of the installation of a photovoltaic system:

Duration and advantages of a photovoltaic system

The duration of the system it can depend on many factors: materials, installation or atmospheric agents. But certainly, by carrying out planned prevention and maintenance interventions, a photovoltaic system can last even more than 30 years, with a reduced production compared to the first year of installation.

Even the annual savings in the bill, with a home photovoltaic system, it's really interesting. The payback time of the expenditure carried out depends mainly on self-consumption: the more you consume (during the day), the less time you will get the money back. According to the current regulatory situation and the 50% tax deduction, it takes on average between 5 and 7 years.

The advantages of a turnkey photovoltaic system from Element Energia

  • Feasibility study and 3D design with shadow study
  • Custom sizing with the best materials
  • Management of all practices (E-Distribution, municipality, GSE exchange on the spot, Customs UTF, ENEA)
  • Quick installation with specialized personnel
  • 12/25 year module warranty
  • Ordinary maintenance included for 3 years
  • Free monitoring, production and consumption forever (via app)
  • 3 year installation guarantee
  • Quarterly "My Savings" reports (included for 12 months)
  • Inverter warranty 12 years

How much does a photovoltaic system cost?

It is difficult to give a unique price because each customer has different needs and types of installation. In the renewable energy sector, especially in residential and commercial photovoltaics, we work on a project by building it as a suit for the customer, where the price varies according to the individual details. What makes the difference are the materials. Element Energia is Solaredge partner and certified installer, as a system of inverter and power optimizers.

To "turn on" the system, a connection procedure must be made with the distributor, which can range from € 122.00 including VAT up to € 250.00. The variables that affect this cost are many, for a "standard" 3kW system it takes about € 122.00 one-off. In addition to this, there is also the cost of the readings of the energy produced which is annual and is sent via bulletin by ordinary mail from the Energy Distributor.

In addition, to reduce costs, there is a contribution from Italian joint stock company GSE (manager of energy services), which is wholly controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, which is assigned numerous posts of a public nature in the energy sector.

The contribution is called exchange on the spot and is associated with the valorisation, at market prices, of the energy exchanged annually with the electricity grid. The energy exchanged with the grid is essentially equivalent to that energy that each consumer produces with their own system and which does not immediately self-consume; but it puts it in the national distribution network to then consume it at a later time.

The energy exchanged is therefore paid by the GSE in a lesser way (there is no fixed value) than the one purchased, and depending on the power of the plant it is possible to obtain an important half-yearly contribution.

For more information or to request a free quote, visit the website:

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