How to build a slingshot

How to build a slingshot

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The slingshots they are a very versatile ancient tool, which can be useful for many outdoor activities ... to be carried out with the maximum safety! Do not forget, in fact, that the sling is first of all a weapon. And that as such it was born to be able to hunt small animals. Better therefore to be cautious, and carry out all the operations that we share below, with the utmost awareness.

How to build a slingshot: instructions for making a do-it-yourself slingshot, from elastic to wood, here's how to build a slingshot.

How to make a traditional slingshot

Let's start with the first useful steps to be able to make a traditional sling. The thing you need to do is simply look for a Y-shaped branch, between 6 and 8 inches long, and with a uniform thickness of at least 2-3 inches.

It is good that the forked wood give you a good feeling, and that it is robust and free of imperfections. If you notice any bumps that are bothering you, you can still cut them and sand the wood with sandpaper. Either way, remove the bark to make the sling more comfortable to handle.

Done? At this point, dry the wood in order to remove excess moisture: simply wrap the wood in a cloth and place it in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Let it cool and repeat the step until you realize that the wood is totally dry, and there is no residual moisture.

The next step is to take a sharp knife, and make notches on each end of the Y: this is where you will fix the elastic bands. Then take a medical-grade tube or a special rubber band, which is about half a centimeter thick. Its length depends on the result you want to have: if you choose a short tube, you will have more power but it will require more strength to use it. If you choose a longer tube instead, you will handle more easily but get less power.

At this point, all you have to do is fix the elastic to the wood, at the notches. You can secure the ends with sturdy wire, such as fishing line, closing with knots to make it more secure.

The last part of your efforts must be to attach a launch pocket. To do this, the traditional "recipe" requires that you use a rectangular piece of leather or, in any case, a sufficiently resistant fabric. Make a small slit in each side of the pocket and slip the elastic tube into them. You just built your first slingshot!

Do-it-yourself slingshot: necessary

In summary, to make the sling here's what you need:

  • A Y-shaped branch
  • A sports rubber band or medical tube
  • A rectangle of leather, leather or cloth

On the market it is easy to find a ready-made slingshot, but whoever wishesbuild a slingit can start from a simple sporty elastic. On Amazon there are various models, among the many we recommend the one with the best quality / price ratio. A 3-meter line can be bought for € 8.99 (free shipping). For all the information here is the official Amazon page: latex elastic.

Tips for a perfect sling

In conclusion of our in-depth analysis, we can only share with you some more tips to be able to create one sling truly perfect, with which to spend some fun time in maximum safety.

In particular, we like slingshots that guarantee the better grip. Precisely for this reason we suggest you cover the handle with adhesive tape, or with string. In this way you will have greater comfort in the grip of the sling, which will not escape you at the most beautiful and, furthermore, will not create discomfort and discomfort in the hands.

Also pay close attention to how you use the slingshot. Avoid raising the sling above eye level, because incorrect use could trigger the mechanism right on your gaze, with obvious harmful consequences. It will be enough to use a little practice to be able to obtain a good accuracy in throwing with the sling from a point close to your body, but lower than the line of the eyes (such as a hip or chest, for example.

We also recommend that you start practicing with some slingshots small in size. They are the easiest to make, the most manageable and the safest. As you become familiar with this tool, you will certainly be able to create bigger slings: in any case, learn that there is no better version than the other, but only one that you will find more comfortable, and another that you will find less. ease.

Finally, we suggest that you never use your slingshot lightly in the direction of people or animals, even as a joke. The slingshot is a real weapon and, as such, can create even fatal repercussions on small animals, and can also generate obvious damage to humans.

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