How to make new friends

How to make new friends

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The "zero" rule is not to break down, if you find yourself without friends. Very often it can be just a feeling but in any case it is important to be aware that there are ways to learn how to make new friends. At any age, in any place, you can always build a new relationship and learn to nurture it so that it becomes solid, lasting and enjoyable.

Given that each of us has our own character, their strengths and weaknesses and a unique nature, given that we may have our preferences in terms of attitudes and characters, there are actions that in general can make it easier to create new friendships. They are very simple, there is no need to buy anything or pretend to be different from what we are.

How to make new friends: tips

We begin to be kind, to lend a hand, to observe around us who may need help, even if only momentarily, and let us offer them our hand. This simple gesture that most of the time does not cost us a huge effort, can turn into the beginning of one great friendship. A kind and genuine act is not as frequent as one thinks and certainly places the other in an attitude of welcome and predisposition to socialization.

Very often when you feel alone and suffer from it, you end up thinking that you are the only one in need make new friends. Not so: the world is full of people who feel lonely and have the desire to establish new relationships, for a thousand different reasons. So let's not feel like a black sheep but with our heads held high let's look around because just like us there will be other people looking for a friend.

It goes without saying that to find a friend you need to have a little patience. It is not said that it is around the corner and also when we meet a person who seems to us to become friends with us, the relationship is not established and is consolidated in a few days. We can talk about a sort of courtship: it is important to be constant and determined, to try to win the trust of the other by making him understand that we are honestly interested in him as a person and not for other purposes.

By showing ourselves present in an unconditional way, without being too insistent, we will achieve good results if the other person is willing and able to understand what we offer. Friendships, loyalty, affection and companionship.
To find people similar to us, the best thing is to expose ourselves, in order to show who we are, our passions, our character. First of all because a transparent and clear person, with a certain personality, is more attractive than someone who is silly and banal.

In addition, by doing so we have a better chance of attracting to us people with whom we have something to do. No fear of exposing oneself, therefore, on the contrary. Let's understand who we are. This is one of the hardest steps of the how make new friends, but it is important and we will understand this over time. The initial temptation is to hide one's identity, with the fear that it may scare and dismiss, but this strategy does not pay in the long run and can make us run the risk of starting friendships that are based on false or unclear bases.

How to make new friends in a new city

One of the situations in which you need advice on how to make new friends can be moving to a new city, whether Italian or foreign. New environment, new job, new neighbors, new home ... new life. But new friends aren't included in the package, and it's often necessary to roll up your sleeves and get involved. As?

We can fathom the list of the most interesting courses that the city offers and, according to our tastes, choose those that can also give us the opportunity to meet people who have the same interests as us. Whether it's a dance, gymnastics, English, cooking or painting class, it doesn't matter.

Meetings, book presentations or events can also be events opportunity, the important thing is to present ourselves with a sociable mood and not look at each other's toes all the time, with crossed arms and muzzle. If we live in an apartment building, we do not start from the belief that the neighbors are enemies or spies and we approach them smiling and waving, perhaps introducing ourselves if we see them for the first time. You never know, a beautiful friendship could also arise with our neighbor on the landing or with the lady on the third floor, or with the young man on the ground floor.

If we have a dog, even the spaces dedicated to these animals can be a place to meet new people. The presence of the quadrupeds is a perfect pretext to break the ice and then, if they are roses, they will bloom.

How to make new friends online

This chapter is very delicate because the friendships that arise on line they are very particular relationships, or at least they can be. Much depends on how much difference there is between the person we show we are on social media and who we are, and how authentic our interlocutor is.

Without excluding any possibility and taking a too rigid attitude, let's not take this problem lightly and approach social media with a balanced attitude, privileging the contacts we know personally. This does not mean that you cannot meet new people via the web, but maximum caution. The most authentic opportunities can perhaps be found in thematic social groups, among friends of friends and so on.

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