Green City and ORGANIC Municipality

Green City and ORGANIC Municipality

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A glimpse of the green city (piazza Duse in Milan)

There is a prize called The City for Green dedicated to the Municipalities and Provinces that have invested in an excellent way commitment and resources in favor of public green areas, in line with the dictates of European Landscape Convention. It is not a new award, indeed it is a tradition as it takes place for the 14th time, and this year it is enriched with a new section.

The new section features a special award entitled The most ORGANIC Municipality and dedicated to municipal administrations that have distinguished themselves for having implemented information and operational policies on their territory aimed at the reduction-recovery-recycling chain of biodegradable and compostable waste. For both awards: applications open until May 24th (the link is at the bottom).

To win the recognition The city for the Green For 13 years, Italian Municipalities and Provinces have been virtuous in terms of innovative achievements or management methods aimed at increasing public green heritage. In addition, the organizations that, through targeted programs and in an exemplary manner, have improved the environmental conditions of their territory are also rewarded.

There City for the Green is an initiative of the publishing houseThe Editorial Green of Milan, with institutional partners such as PadovaFiere is Italian Touring Club and the patronage in the 2012 edition of:Ministry of the Environment Union of Provinces of Italy (UPI), National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI), fromLombardy region is Lombardy Local Autonomy Association. The special prizeThe most ORGANIC Municipality is designed in collaboration with the Cic - Italian composting consortium.

The following adhere to the La Città per il Verde Award: AIAPP (Italian Association for Landscape Architecture),AICu (Italian association of curators of parks, gardens and botanical gardens),Italian association of directors and public garden technicians, AIPIN (Italian Association for Naturalistic Engineering),AIVEP (Italian green roof association),ASSOVERDE (Italian Association of Green Builders) eCONAF (National Council of the Order of Agronomists and Foresters).

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