Eliminate scars, effective treatments

Eliminate scars, effective treatments

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Eliminate scars: Effective treatments to make acne scars disappear, surgical or cut scar, which reminds us of a bad accident.

Cream and natural remedies

If you think ofeliminate scarswith a cream, your guess is rather unrealistic. May they beacne scarsorcutting scars, to eliminate them you need more than just a cream. The cream, like natural remedies for removing scars, can promote healing, lighten the skin and make the scar less visible, however they cannot completely eliminate it. If you want to relieve an acne or cut scar, making it less visible, I invite you to visit the page: Natural remedies for scars.

Here we will talk aboutremediesdefinitive forscars. Unfortunately, therefore, one cannot speak ofcream, get ready do it yourself ornatural remedies. Indeed, even with laser technology and surgery, unfortunately there is no treatment capable ofcompletely eliminate the scarbut undoubtedly, with the optimal conditions and the right treatment, thescarsthey can be reduced or made unnoticeable.

Acne scars: when the cream is enough

It's easy to say "acne scars" or "Scars of the pimples“Often, these terms are used improperly also to indicate the passing spots left by pimples. In this case it is not a question of real scars but of simple inflammatory lesions destined to disappear over time, therefore able to have a complete healing (re-epithelialization). In this case, natural remedies and creams can be a good remedy to eliminate "the signs of pimples and acne" more quickly. The creams may be able to prevent or cushion the development of an inflammatory process of pimples or to treat ongoing acne.

Types of scars

Theresurgery scaror the cut scarare the signs ofdiscontinuity of fabricscaused by a mechanical agent: the scalpel, a blade or any sharp instrument.

If the wound has seen the flaps of skin heal quickly and linearly, the scarit will be hardly visible. Conversely, non-linear cuts or wounds that have not seen adequate treatment may be more visible.

Who has theclear skinhe is lucky: on fair skin the scars are less visible. Scar tissue, in fact, tends to be very light because it lacks melanin pigments. In evaluating how to get rid of a scarnot only the type of scar but also the skin type should be considered. In addition, in the medical field, the scars see a classification based on the shape (flat, depressed or raised scars).

The scars can be related to a painful memory or they can simply be unsightly. Among the most annoying are theacne scarswhich can be a burden on the face.

Eliminate scars

How to eliminate them? Depending on the morphology, the scars can be treated using technologylaserorsurgically. The laser technique is more effective foracne scars.

Can the scar heal and disappear completely?
For clarity, based on your situation, talk to your dermatologist and ask about the success rate of the treatment and the expected results for your condition.

Scars can, yes, disappear completely but in other cases, they can become less visible. This is why the comparison with the specialist doctor is essential. Plastic surgery can improve the condition of the scar until it is imperceptible.

Laser treatment

There are several laser therapies forremove scars, also in this case it is advisable to consult your doctor to identify the most effective technique based on your skin type. Acne scars often feature a hollow in the skin that makes the surface uneven. With the laser, this depression can be significantly reduced making the skin surface more uniform.

The duration of the laser treatment varies according to the width of the area to be treated. Each session has an average duration of 20 minutes. Typically, the first tangible improvements come after the third week of treatment.

As stated, the treatmentlasercan be very effective foreliminate pimple scarsbut it is not as effective when it comes to surgical scars, from cuts or worse, scars from an accident. In this case, it may be appropriate to resort to plastic surgery or to understand, based on the extent, whether skin grafts can be used. A visit to the dermatologist, to fully understand the situation, is a must.

The image above shows the classic before and after photo of a patient who has undergone laser treatment for the removal of acne scars. The photo is from the Drurtis clinic.

Video: DermTV - How to Treat Raised Scars Epi #254 (June 2022).


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