How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel

How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel

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If we had a soft sofa or a very comfortable bed, within the four walls, would we go to sleep in a wooden or plastic house in the garden? No! And indeed it is necessary to know How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel if you don't want to hear him cry and whine all night.

I don't want to paint dramatic scenarios, in fact many dogs are more than happy to go to their annex, maybe even cooler and quieter but it is better to be ready for anything. If you play early and well organized, you avoid many problems. The hard line does not always prove effective. There are those who think that it is enough to forbid the dog to get on the bed to convince him to go to his kennel but in most cases this is not the case. So we tell you some tricks.

How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel step by step

Dogs need fixed points so once we have bought the kennel, then we will see with which characteristics, we must identify a phrase, a magic formula that they will associate with the concept of "going to the kennel". It can also be the simple word "kennel" like "Go to the kennel", “In the kennel”. We begin to make him understand what we mean by saying the sentence and looking at the kennel and leaving some croquette on the structure so that there is positive reinforcement.

When the dog begins to understand, or to go and stay in the kennel when we ask him, we do not fail to compliment him. Let's never force it, however, because we would get the opposite effect to the desired one and it would then be difficult to make him change his mind. We can then invent small games with the kennel, prize games. Let's move it, give the command "Cuccia!" and let's see if the dog continues to obey, if so, let's reward him with some croquettes. We also try to move the kennel from one room to another, or on the balcony or in the garden, to isolate the concept of the headset from that of the room or place where it is located.

When the dog is familiar with the concept of a kennel, we can take a step forward and make him understand that he can relax in there by telling him to lie down. Let's not exaggerate with the cuddles, he must understand without making them because the next step is to gradually scale the value of the premium for going to the kennel so that it remains a good daily habit.

We keep using our magic word and always give less croquettes, remaining very rigid if we see that the dog tries to come to bed or to go to the sofa.

How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel: consistency

When we engage in one of these educational projects with our dog it is essential that we remain consistent. It is a rule that underlies the teaching, which is also very important for human beings. We never give up. If the dog tries to bribe us with his eyes, in order to be admitted to our bed or to be able to occupy the sofa, we must not allow him to and we continue to make him understand that his place is in the kennel, only and only in the kennel.

How to choose the kennel

We have taken it for granted but it is clear that to convince a dog to go to sleep in its own kennel it is essential that the kennel is comfortable. When we choose it, we are very careful about size that the dog has and will have because he must be able to lie down comfortably. We check that it is also properly insulated from the ground and a little ventilated but not too much, and that it does not rain inside.

What not to do to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel

Since the dog thinks in rather immediate associations,never scold him when he is in the kennel, even if he has combined one, because at that moment he would understand that we are scolding him for using it and we would ruin all the effort made.

When we leave the house, we don't close the doors of the various rooms if there is no precise reason, so that the dog does not feel in prison. At night we can instead close the door to let the dog understand that it is time to sleep and everyone goes to his place.

It is rather obvious, at least for the first few times, that the dog will cry or wail when he sees himself "thrown" into the kennel and realizes that he will not be able to spend the night on the bed with us. We must not give in but let's take it to the kennel, caress it and reward it with the croquettes to ensure that it stays there for the night.

How to educate the dog to sleep in the kennel: accessories

If we have a small dog we can equip the kennel more easily and furnish it with a pillow. There are all sizes actually, and if the kennel is in the house, we can reduce it to pillow same by buying one like this. A blanket can also be a good idea, especially if it smells like us, so that the dog feels our presence. In these cases, the reaction depends a lot from dog to dog, it may happen that the animal pays attention to it but also does not care, or that it is only sensitive to thesmell of a family member.

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