Why cats make pasta

Why cats make pasta

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Even those who do not own a cat know some of its habits well but not everyone knows why do cats make pasta, not even many owners who are curious about this behavior. In truth, the most banal and intuitive answer is known to almost everyone but there are two other theories that are little known although they are important and probable.

Go figure out what the right answer is, maybe it's a mix of the three we're about to explain now. The fact is that the gesture of making pasta is one of the most characteristic of these animals who do not always allow themselves great moments of tenderness but when they do, they do it with conviction.

Making pasta: description

This feline gesture is also indicated with le expressions "knead" or "pump". For those who do not know what we are talking about, we mean an alternating and rhythmic gesture of the paws that push on a soft body that can be the human one, the master, but also that of a sofa or a cushion. There are many styles for kneading, you can do it with two or four legs, using the claws or in a more soft way.

In most cases the cat also purrs that they want to communicate sympathy and pleasure, or that you are experiencing a moment of serenity and happiness.

Why Cats Make Pasta: Birth

The gesture we are talking about clearly recalls the first feedings shortly after birth and this is the most banal answer to question of the title. When the kitten has its mother at its disposal, it makes the dough on its belly to stimulate milk production and the release of milk from the udders. That is why we can also hear about “Milk dance”.

This habit taken by very small, remains for life and turns into a gesture that transmits serenity, desire for cuddles and a feeling of being at ease. It is initially a strong message to mom which, by feeding him, makes his little one happy. Adult cats make pasta very often on their owner and it is a great sign. They feel welcomed and loved. Regressing tenderly to the condition of kittens for a few minutes, before returning to being the great independents, they ask for some affection and "human" warmth just like what they received at the time of breastfeeding.

As the cat kneads, it releases endorphins which do so relax, this is transmitted very well with the rest of the body: the eyes close, the nails "relax" and the animal purrs.

Why cats make pasta: territory

The gesture of kneading can prove to be very useful too in adulthood if you want to test the soil and see if it is soft enough to sleep on. This repeatedly touching a surface with the paws serves to see if it is comfortable and safe. But the explanation is not over because few people know that there are some in the paws of cats glands capable of secreting a smell used to mark the territory. Very comfortably, therefore, a feline checks a certain area and then, if it is convinced, marks it with its own smell, all with the same gesture. By reconnecting with the gesture of making pasta on its owner, in a certain sense the cat considers us its property.

Why Cats Make Pasta: Discomfort

There are some more difficult signs to grasp but if we are masters wait we must be able to do it. For example, we can come to understand when the cat makes pasta not because it is in the tenderness phase but because uncomfortable. Usually this happens when making pasta is very frequent, almost “neurotic”. Then the gesture becomes a way to express a problem, the feeling of stress or insecurity.

Something like this can happen for example if a cat is upset because of presence of other animals or children, or for a change of furniture. Making pasta can be a kind of stress reliever. Therefore, if we see that our cat makes pasta a little too often and with a not completely relaxed way of doing things, let's try to understand the tail makes him restless.

Surely as a first step it is an excellent thing pamper him and give him attention, but it is important to go to the source of the problem. Let us remember that cats, even if sometimes they are indifferent, are terribly attached to their family and very habitual. If we are distracted, we may have changed something in the house and disoriented them. Even the presence of children or elements that attract our attention too much, monopolizing it, can be destabilizing for an animal that loves to be the center of attention.

Cat behavior: books

Those interested in learning how to best interpret their cat's behavior can devote themselves to some interesting reading and then train in the field with strong spirit of observation. For the little ones, so that they can immediately build a good relationship with the pets, there is How to ... make our cat happy, a book illustrated in an intelligent and ironic way. For the older ones, a more technical reading The behavior of cats

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