How to prevent fires

How to prevent fires

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How to prevent fires: A Complete Guide to Preventing Forest Fires and House Fires. The advice of the Fire Brigade.

To write our guide onhow to prevent fireswe have decided to rely not only oncommon sensebut also to the advice of the Fire Brigade.

How to prevent fires

Recall that theemergency numberto alert the Fire Brigade in case of fire is 115.

Therefire preventionchanges from context to context. On this page we will focus onhow to prevent forest fireshedomestic fires.

Understanding therisk of fireit is an interdisciplinary work, always very complex and always connected to the areas of safety of the places of interest. The fire brigade has aFire investigation unitact precisely to "research", "analyze" and "evaluate" the possible causes of fire in the various contexts.

How to prevent forest fires

Let's start with the most common type of fire: the forest one. Theforest fires have been characterizing the summer season for some years now. We have already talked about it in the guide article dedicated to how to protect the woods.

To prevent forest fires it is possible to participate in volunteer teams. Not everyone knows it but the waste abandoned on the edge of the woods can themselves be a vehicle of fire. Furthermore, if waste should catch fire, it constitutes an important health hazard.

The competent local authorities should set up "water points" and provide "landing points" for helicopters. In this context, you can put pressure on municipalities by denouncing their lack of interest inforest fires.

The presence of an awareness campaign on the subject offorest firescan play a good part when it comes toactive management of the forest heritage. Finally, forprevent forest firesyou can consider joining the fire brigade as a volunteer. This way you could actively participate in firefighting measures, even better if you have specific training in forestry or similar disciplines. For more information, the guide is available: how to enter the fire department, in particular the paragraph dedicated to volunteer activities.

How to prevent house fires

Thedomestic firesthey generally have causes related to human errors and causes related to the obsolescence of electrical systems and pipelines which, due to wear and neglect (lack of maintenance) can become risk factors.

Thefires of an electrical nature represent a very frequent intervention category within the technical rescue activity carried out by the Fire Brigade.

Many homes, especially older ones, rely on inadequate equipment. It seems strange to understand but thecause of house firesit is often electrical in nature.

Thedomestic firesof an electrical nature are linked to a malfunction of common appliances such as:

  1. televisions
  2. electrical conductors
  3. switchboards
  4. lighting fixtures
  5. dishwasher
  6. sockets and plugs
  7. electric meters
  8. refrigerators
  9. battery charger
  10. switches
  11. conditioners
  12. aspirators
  13. warming blankets
  14. electric ovens
  15. electric stoves
  16. step-by-step relay
  17. electric mosquito nets

In the statistics, the short circuits that can cause ahouse firethey are mainly attributable to TV and various conductors. For prevent house firesit is important to constantly maintain all the appliances in the house; use them practicing common sense and always following the instructions in the user manual.

As stated, carelessness can also cause a fire in the house. Burning fireplaces left unattended, badly managed gas stoves and poor storage of flammable liquids can be other causes. It seems trivial but even in this case, thepreventionbest starts with simple gestures done with care.

When it comes tohome fire risk, the first rule is:zero superficiality!

In the list above we reported -according to the statistics of the Fire Brigade-in descending order, which are the main causes of domestic fire related to the “electricity” factor. Taking some more general statistics when it comes todomestic fires, cigarette smoking can be a crucial factor.

According to some statistics, 7% ofdomestic firesit is caused by cigarette butts left on near a bed, sofa or other flammable material.

In the kitchen, the first rule is to constantly check the gas system. Any flammable material (pot holders, tea towels, alcohol…) should be kept at a safe distance from the gas stove.

Great attention should then be paid to the boiler room without forgetting the mandatory maintenance of such appliances.

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