Because walking barefoot is good for you

Because walking barefoot is good for you

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In English it is called barefooting and in Italian, technically, gymnopodism, but let's not complicate ourselves too much, in fact it is about taking off your shoes and making contact with the ground. These specific terms should be remembered, however, to acknowledge that it is a recognized activity and that it has benefits. We are here to discover them, to tell because walking barefoot is good for you. Whether at home or outdoors, whenever possible and appropriate. The positive thing is the contact with the ground, both physically and psychologically, so it is not a practice linked to the type of soil that we happen to step on. Let's go!

Barefooting: what it is

More than an activity it is a movement of people who have decided to remain barefoot as they go about their daily activities. In this case it is a real choice of life, clear and rather rigid, which has reasons but which we can also use as a starting point to take a step in this direction, without exaggerating.

Let's focus on the idea behind it and which can be inspiring for us we wear shoes maybe even when we are in our house, comfortable on the sofa. When our foot is forced into footwear, even if comfortable, like slippers or sneakers, it does not have the same sensitivity as it would if it were "naked".

This is not just a matter of touch, although walking on some types of surfaces with bare feet can also be pleasant. There is also the fact that when the foot rests directly on the ground, we walk differently and our posture is conditioned, especially from a musculoskeletal point of view. Our body has its own balances and walking barefoot contributes to their maintenance.

Because walking barefoot is good for you

Let's see what are the practical benefits of walking barefoot. This does not mean that we have to be barefoot all day. There are those who have chosen to do so, but we realize that it is not always possible to make such a clear decision. However, we can begin to get used to walking barefoot in the house, or in a lawn that we know is clean and safe. And on the beach, right now that many of us are going to spend the holidays there.

When we wear shoes, our foot is forced to a certain type of support and it is almost never the most natural and beneficial for our posture. If we then have some high heels shoes, we find ourselves with the center of gravity completely shifted towards the tips, which can greatly disturb our musculoskeletal balance.

With barefooting we can find our balance and make gods correct and natural movements, which we cannot do if our foot is forced into a shoe. His musculature weakens, his movements are limited and not always natural and the weight of the body is often too much on the forefoot instead of where it should be, or on the heel, mostly.

We've focused on the feet for now, because we're talking about shoes, but the answer to the question “Because walking barefoot is good for you”Is not limited to this part of the body.

When we start walking with correct posture, our whole body moves better, not just the feet, and the weight of the body is distributed correctly. This has repercussions throughout the body. Perspiration and blood circulation are favored, ours breathing it is deeper and all muscles move in a "healthier" way.

If we begin to take off our shoes and let our feet touch the ground, at least a little, we will see a strong improvement in balance and posture, if we have swollen legs we will see them improve and we can also prevent swelling in the ankles due to circulation problems.

Walking barefoot: doubts and advice

It is normal to pose a hygiene problem when thinking about the choice of walking barefoot always and in any case. Let's start with doing it at home where we are sure that germs and bacteria there are not. In fact, it is perhaps more hygienic to walk barefoot than to wear shoes and slippers that are sometimes personally carriers of germs and bacteria or other substances, especially if we also use them outdoors, perhaps in the garden.

In the evening we can have a good time relaxing foot bathindeed, we will have one more reason to find the time for this interesting practice that has many benefits if done with consistency and some precautions.

Why walk barefoot: research

In addition to the benefits we have described, and which I summarize below, there are some studies that are investigating some effects of barefooting ranging from medicine to psychology

  1. Greater body balance.
  2. Stronger foot musculature.
  3. Recovery of greater stability.
  4. Improvement of circulation in the legs and reduction of swelling.
  5. Improvement of posture.
  6. Walking barefoot as a natural stress reliever.
  7. Beneficial stimulation of the soles of the feet as in foot reflexology.

In fact, it seems that walking barefoot can promote the reduction of the body's inflammation state and the control of blood pressure, with particular reference to the reduction of hypertension. The foot that rests on the ground stimulates particular nervous circuits and puts us in contact with "the earth", even from a psychological point of view. It relaxes us, on the one hand, and on the other, allows us to find one relationship with nature and where we are, to live more here and now than usual.

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