Swollen feet, natural remedies

Swollen feet, natural remedies

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THE swollen feet they are a very common condition especially in women and, in particular, in the summer. Let's see what are the causes of swollen feet and how to combat this symptom by resorting to natural remedies.

Swollen feet: natural remedies to relieve swollen feet and ankles. Cause and definitive solutions to counteract swelling in the feet.

Swollen feet: causes

The feet support our whole body and alas often they are victims of our incorrect habits.
For example, walking excessively when you are not used to physical activity can lead to swelling of the feet especially when there are extra pounds.

But not only that, among other causes that can inflate the feet we mention: socks, tights, shoes that are too tight, high shoes, heat ... Another cause of swollen feet is the abuse of salt as it worsens the problem of fluid retention.

Walking on the sand is not good for you. If you've recently taken a long walk on the sand, be aware that this may have caused swelling in your feet and ankles. The sand is a soft ground and forces you to always readjust both the support and posture, creating a considerable functional overload. Plus, the high temperatures of the sand could make any swelling worse!

In case of swollen feet, it is advisable to consult a doctor. The cause of swollen feet, in fact, it should generally be investigated in the circulatory system. In particular, poor venous circulation could be there cause of swollen ankles and feet. High temperatures, in this context, aggravate the situation, which is why this problem is felt more in summer! The best way to solve the problem ofswollen feet it consists in leading a healthy lifestyle, with moderate but constant motor activity.

A sedentary lifestyle or spending many hours standing (but still) can cause problems with the circulatory system with a stagnation of fluids in the feet and ankles.

Swollen feet remedies

Let's start withremediesnatural, primarily hydration and nutrition. Pay attention to your diet: drink a lot of water gradually, an average of one glass per hour would be ideal! Eat foods that ensure the transit of fluids in our body rich in vitamins and trace elements. There is nothing better than a fruit salad, especially in summer, to be preferred, watermelon, peaches and apricots, perhaps enriched with seeds.

  • Wear shoes that are comfortable for both feet and posture.
  • Try to maintain a correct body weight.
  • Walks are essential but without overdoing it and always in proportion to your possibilities. It is better to create, day by day, the physical conditions suitable to tolerate more or less long distances.

Footbath to deflate the feet

The foot bath is a hydrotherapy treatment that consists of immersing the feet, up to the height of the ankles, in an aqueous solution containing dissolved substances. The foot bath is especially recommended to relieve and sootheswollen and tired feet. The most popular foot baths for tired feet are:

  • With epson salts
  • With baking soda
  • With rose water and mint

In particular, in the case ofswollen feetwe suggest:

Relaxing foot bath with walnut leaves and mint leaves, effective against fatigue, swelling and excessive foot sweating. To prepare it, just make an infusion with 200 g of walnut leaves, previously boiled for 10 minutes, and pour it into 5/6 liters of water. Take this warm foot bath every night.

Footbath with cold and hot water. The changes in temperature are very effective in soothing swelling: you will have to immerse your feet in a container filled with very hot water and, after ten minutes, immerse them in another container full of cold water for 30 seconds. Repeat the operation three or four times, finishing with hot water.

Massages to deflate the feet

Massage your feet with peppermint essential oil diluted in almond oil or use a peppermint-based lotion. Massages are performed from the bottom up, exerting light pressure with the hands.

Before applying any lotion, pack, foot bath, stretch your legs by placing your feet on one or more pillows so that they remain raised: remain in this position at least 30 minutes.

Exercises for swollen feet

To promote circulation and eliminate excess water, rotate a tennis ball under the soles of your bare feet for at least 10 minutes each time your feet are swollen

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