Solar floating lamp

Solar floating lamp

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Theresolar floating lampit is an accessory of great effect: suspended over the water of the pool it is capable of creating a magical atmosphere with plays of light and colors. Despite its high aesthetic value, onesolar floating lampyou can buy it on a very small budget Amazon 6 euros are enough for the humblest models.

Among the variousfloating solar lampsfrom swimming pool or garden pond, we point out the modelLumidAID Lab,it recharges in the sun in 4 hours and guarantees up to 8 hours of light. The LuminAID Lab solar floating lamp is part of a charity project started by two young girls and can be purchased for prices starting at 10 and going up to 25 dollars.

The American version ofWikiHow,proposes a guide that is literally entitled "How to build a solar powered floating pool light ". The undertaking is described as very simple but having never tested it, we cannot report its real feasibility. Those of you who want to ... can try their hand at making a DIY solar lamp to float in the pool.

The idea is to buy a solar torch, the kind that are used in the garden as a path-trace. It will then be necessary to dismantle the structure of the solar torch and recover the lighting system. The lighting system must be placed in a transparent plastic tray for food use, together with some pebbles or ornamental flowers. Considering ipricesaccessible floating solar lamps, it is not worth indulgingdo-it-yourself taking apart a solar torch he traces a path

In the photos above, there are two models of solar powered floating lamps. The first, on the left, has a spherical shape and the price is around 25 euros. The second, on the right, is the popular oneBestway 58111 solar floating lamp, thanks to its fame, the price: this floating solar pool lamp can be bought with a budget of around 10 euros! Its shape is flattened, similar to a flying saucer with the photovoltaic unit placed in the central area.

There floating solar lamp Bestway uses LED technology that expands its light along the entire diameter of the lamp, approximately 18 cm. There lamp, solar powered, it activates automatically when the sun goes down. By leaving the Bestway solar lamp in the pool during the day, the small accumulator is recharged, guaranteeing lighting during 8 hours of darkness.

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