Gardening kit, the best gift ever

Gardening kit, the best gift ever

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Among the most gifted items of this Christmas, a gardening kit which allows you to grow vegetables in a domestic environment without dirtying anything. Christmas gifts, despite the crisis, have seen a rush to purchases with cheap purchases of jewelry, hi-tech devices, kitchen items ... in the USA, at the top of the ranking of the most gifted objects this Christmas, there are molds for ice (we Italians have not yet developed such a craze for cocktails) ehome gardening kit.

With agardening kitfor domestic use, for grow vegetables, there is no need to set up a vegetable garden on the balcony, nor have a small patch of land or a spacious terrace; what you need is theMiracle-Gro AeroGarden kit. This choice highlights a strong trend: consumers feel the need to self-produce the foods they bring to the table. It was time for it to happen: people feel the need to bring something healthy and genuine to the table so as to detach themselves from processed foods.


We mentioned thegardening kitMiracle-Gro AeroGarden " because it turns out to be the most gifted in the USA but there are numerous accessories of this kind on the market. The Miracle-Gro AeroGarden kit allows everyone - both those without a green thumb and those without space - tocultivateof precious vegetables: from salad with aromatic herbs, from radicchio to chard ... Algardening kita large number of sprouts can be combined. The most gifted version in the US saw sprouts of herbs like basil, coriander, chives and dill.


The gardening kitMiracle-Gro AeroGarden is proposed by Amazon with a price of about 90 euros; thekitit is composed of a base characterized by small introflexions intended to house the earthy substrate for the cultivation of plants. Incorporated at the base there is a tank for water storage so as to minimize maintenance for plants. The base is placed under a dome that integrates lights capable of guaranteeing the right lighting of the plants. It is not necessary to remember to turn the lights on or off ... it will be enough "to set"from the menukitthe settings to follow and the device will do it all!

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