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BTL, eco sunglasses

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On its path, thehigh fashion often meets ecology, we have seen New York street fashion and examples of eco-friendly accessories, watches or jewels. Today it is the turn of ecological sunglasses. If you are looking for an elegant look, these Sun glasses they are not for you, they are much more suitable for a casual and young style.


The style of these Sun glasses it's a return to the seventies, they are simple and playful and are made with recycled materials. When it comes to recycling, it is difficult to always find suitable materials for the production of accessories, therefore each batch will be defined as "limited edition". In fact, in its own way it is, each line is composed of a few specimens and the best will be awarded by those who support the project on the portal Kickstarter. An exclusive privilege for those who will support the production of these objects launched by "btl optical“.

The lenses are signed Carl Zeiss and they are simple or polarized. To win a pair of these glasses, you can make a payment of around 50 euros for the classic model and around 60 euros for the polarized model. The lenses were designed by Josh and Sean, two young design engineers from Los Angeles. With about 90 euros you can win two pairs of glasses, so if you want to buy them with a friend, it's better to place a single order.

The Sun glasses ecofriendly are made entirely in Los Angeles, so we are sure to buy an ecological and sustainable product, far from the standards of Made in China.


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