Home automation systems for efficiency at home

Home automation systems for efficiency at home

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Home automation systems: all information on the products on the market, an overview of prices and the possibilities offered by home automation for home management.

THEhome automation systemsoffer maximum home comfort by enhancing home management. Thanks to the basic principle on which ihome automation products, efficiency and savings become at home. With the spread of technologieswireless, home automation has become even more comfortable and efficient, today the whole house can be managed from the smartphone.

THEhome automation systemsthey are born to simplify our life. Today, the most popularhome automation productshelp us manage:

  • lighting and shutters
  • the temperature
  • the music
  • appliances
  • security systems
  • garden irrigation systems
  • automated maintenance and cleaning systems

Among the latest frontiers of home automation there are systems and products dedicated to the maintenance of the garden and swimming pool. Cleaning the pool will no longer be a problem thanks tohome automation systems, to know more:home automation for swimming pools.

THE home automation systems the most common are those that manage the temperatures in the home and, thanks to the new wifi thermostats, there is no shortage of products on the market capable of processing the habits of the inhabitants of the house and drawing up ad hoc programs to eliminate all sorts of energy waste. Home automation products of this kind are also very accessible, just think of the Netatmo thermostat that can be bought for 175 euros.

Thanks to the modernshome automation systemsa smartphone with internet connection is enough to have access to home management, to irrigate the garden or to start a quick wash on the washing machine. Those who have a video surveillance system can remotely activate and deactivate the alarms and access the video images of the perimeter area of ​​the house or know if the safe has been opened without permission.

THEhome automation productsprovide for a control unit that spontaneously activates a "scenario" when a certain situation occurs. The most typical scenario is given by rain and low temperatures, if it rains, the shutters are closed, the lights are turned on and the heating is turned up. Everything happens automatically, the man does not have to give any input.

In other cases, we are the ones who trigger the functioning of thehome automation systems, by pressing a button, on returning home, the alarm is deactivated, the shutters are raised, the music is started and the selected lights are switched on. Today, thanks to the GPS detectors present in smartphones, it is not even necessary to press a button: when thehome automation systemdetects the approach of the GPS signal within a certain preset distance range, the house comes to life and prepares to welcome its inhabitant.

THEhome automation systemsthey are, gradually,settlingin consumer products. Previously we reported the example of wi-fi thermostats and wireless surveillance systems. Much more affordable are consumer products such as wireless LED lights to be managed remotely. Other examples ofhome automation productsair conditioners with integrated remote management systems (wifi air conditioners), coffee makers to be managed remotely and washing machines to be controlled with a smartphone have arrived on the market.

To get a general overview of prices and consumer products based on the principles ofhome automationjust visit the Amazon page: Home automation products

THEhome automation systemsthey often use what in jargon we call "sensors". The most common are thephotosensitive sensorsor twilight that activate the lighting at nightfall, without the need for a timer. Equally widespread are motion sensors that open doors, electric gates or activate lights when a person passes by, the most practical example is given bysolar powered garden lampswhich do not need any electrical connection for operation. There solar home automationit is almost completely disconnected from the electricity grid and is able to sustain itself thanks to accumulators connected to a more or less complex photovoltaic system.

For other curiosities, I invite you to refer to the article onfunctioning of home automation.

In the photo above, the home automation system Orvibo which completely eliminates the need for remote controls or switches. You manage light, TV, air conditioners and more, from an intuitive interface available on your smartphone.

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