EverSense, savings and comfort guaranteed

EverSense, savings and comfort guaranteed

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To turn on the heating or air conditioning of the house, we are forced to press a button ... but how many times have we left the heating on to find the house warm on our return? We certainly gained in comfort, but how much it cost us in bill this our reckless gesture? Fortunately, the technological age also comes to our aid for this; in the generation of smartphone... it really is true that there is an App for everything.

The application alone, as often happens, is not enough and so it comes down to change EverSense, a device that associated with the app Allure Mobile, allows you to remotely manage the home temperature.

EverSense allows remote management but can also perform its task automatically. Eversense it is connected to the system that manages the temperature in the house and works a bit like an intelligence thermostat. EverSense it is connected to the heating / cooling of the house but also to the smartphone, thus, when the user leaves the house carrying the mobile phone, EverSense drastically decreases the activity of the heating / cooling system. Upon returning, the house will be at the desired temperature because EverSense take advantage of the device GPS present in the smartphone thus, having detected the proximity, it will activate the heating / cooling again, restoring the desired temperature.

EverSense not only manages the temperature, connected to the smartphone manages to recreate the environment that best suits the user's needs. If on returning home, the user was playing a piece of music on the smartphone, the same piece of music will be transmitted by EverSense.

EverSense was presented on the occasion of the CES 2013. The application is available for iPhone.

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