ADSL and telephone: why better together?

ADSL and telephone: why better together?

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ADSL and telephone together: a great opportunity that could be suitable for many users looking for a single subscription for phone calls and Internet connection.

The first advantage of joint offers ADSL and telephone is the savings: almost always, paying the same operator a fee for both telephone calls and for your own connection you spend less than adding two separate offers between two different operators.

In order to guarantee customer loyalty for all his communication needs, in fact, suppliers such as Fastweb (SuperJet, Jet, Joy), Infostrada (Absolute), Vodafone (Super ADSL and Super Fiber), TIM (Tim Smart Casa and TIM Smart Fibra), are willing to offer quite substantial discounts. In addition, one-off costs such as activation costs can be further reduced thanks to special promotions that also allow, on other occasions, to have a free modem or to access particular offers, for example those of Netflix streaming TV, Sky Online. o Infinity, not to mention TIMvision by TIM, or even hi-tech gadgets such as Apple's Apple TV, the device that allows you to broadcast the content of your OS X and iOS devices on your home television and buy movies and series tv on iTunes (at 1 euro per month with Infostrada's ADSL offers, which other times offer Google's Chromecast) and so on.

Secondly, there is the convenience of having a single contact person for any problem that may arise with your service, often with dedicated customer service, even online. Even receiving a single bill for supplies ADSL and telephone it is an advantage and allows you to manage your users more comfortably.

Not for everyone, however, the joint offer ADSL and telephone is the best solution. The most frequent case of 'poor convenience' concerns those who only marginally need one of the two services offered, perhaps because they make their calls over the Internet via Skype, or because they prefer to surf on the go with their smartphone or key. Internet. Furthermore, some areas of Italy are not served at the same level as regards the telephone lines and the quality of the Internet connection.

Use ours rate comparator allows you to find the best offer, joint or not, for your needs, saving even several hundred euros in your bill every year, finding the fastest line available for each area of ​​Italy.

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