Projects for 3d printers

Projects for 3d printers

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The 3D printers they can be created to prepare biscuits or more commonly, for the production of objects on a very small scale. With special modeling software, the creative user can create the three-dimensional project of any object and starting the printing, he will not have a sheet with his working sketches but will get the material and three-dimensional reproduction of his project. This is why the 3D printers have been defined as the natural evolution of 2D printers.


What are the 3D printer projects more accomplished?
There are no real must-haves, the categories are different, from simple display objects to accessories to wear such as necklaces or bracelets, there is no shortage of hobby items such as model cars or small helicopters ready for take-off. There are endless gadgets, from classic smartphone covers to pen holders, the most pretentious could give life to frames for glasses, stands to hold flash or reflex cameras, cases for lenses, filters or lenses ... The only limit is dictated by the creativity of those who realizes the project.

So the 3D printers are they aimed exclusively at an audience of creatives capable of designing the objects to be made?
Not exactly!
There are already several portals that offer online for free (or even for a fee!) 3D printer projects. The main portal is, it offers 3D printer projects. Each creative can propose his projects, download projects made by third parties, or acquire software that allows them to fine-tune 3D printer projects quickly and easily. THE 3D printer projects present on can be downloaded for free, just connect to the portal and choose from over 30 thousand projects proposed.


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