How to grow geraniums in pots

How to grow geraniums in pots

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How to grow geraniums in pots: the abc ofcultivationof thepotted geranium. From the care to the needs of the plant, advice for abundant flowering and reproduction of geranium.

THE geraniums are among the ornamental plants most common and used to give a touch of color to balconies, terraces and gardens.

The popularity of the geraniumsis related to their strength and ease of cultivation, both in open ground andin pot. THE geraniums, can be grown in the open ground only by those who live in areas with mild winters in northern Italy (Campania, Sicily, Puglia, Calabria ...). For the cultivation of geraniums in the garden we invite you to read the guide on howPlanting geraniums in open ground. On this page we will focus on the cultivation of geraniums in pots.

Fragrant geranium against mosquitoes in the garden

Geraniums are excellent allies against mosquitoes. Many varieties of the Pelargonium graveolens species (fragrant geranium), which gives off a strong scent of rose and balm, are very useful for keeping mosquitoes away from the garden. The fragrant geraniumhas leaves and green parts rich in secretory glands, it is from these glands that aromatic substances that are pleasant for humans but annoying for mosquitoes are released. The anti-mosquito effect is obtained above all when the leaves are rubbed.

When to grow geraniums, the right time

The ideal temperature for growing geraniums is between 15 and 25 degrees, so the best time to start growing geraniums on the balcony coincides with the arrival of spring. Let's see in detail how to grow geraniums in pots, following some very important indications.

Which variety to choose

In the genus of geraniums we have about 400 species and a large number of varieties selected by nurserymen. We havegeraniumswith inflorescences in various colors, from pure white to fiery red, from purple to pink, passing through lilac and orange.

By combining various shades we can create compositions that give a remarkable glance even from a distance. Generally, geraniums are bought in spring, between April and May. After the purchase, igeraniums in pots they should be repotted immediately in a larger container, filled with a rich and fertile soil.

How to grow geraniums in pots, directions

  • Ground
    Geraniums adapt easily to any type of soil, the important thing is to ensure good water drainage to prevent the roots from rotting. In this regard it is preferable to favor a light and soft substrate, also composed of a part of peat.
  • Repotting
    Before repotting, water the seedling copiously to make the transfer less traumatic. Cut off roots that are too long or twisted.
  • Exposure
    When placing the pot, choose areas in full sun or partial shade and an airy environment but sheltered from drafts.
  • Irrigation
    Water the plants abundantly but paying attention to water stagnation. It is therefore necessary to water often but only when the soil is completely dry.
  • Flowering
    Move the earth on the surface from time to time, so as to favor a good transpiration of the earth. During the summer, administer liquid fertilizer with a good percentage of potassium in order to favor flowering.
  • Care
    As the flowers and leaves dry out, remove them immediately to prevent fungal diseases from developing.

If you have gods potted geraniums that do not bloom, you can read the information in the guide article "How to cure geranium “.Below we will focus on the propagation of geranium. The reproduction of geraniums can take place starting from seeds or from plant material such as cutting.

Cuttings of geraniums in pots

The propagation of thegeranium by cuttingsit's very simple, in fact whoever wants grow geraniumsit can start like this! Who decides to multiply the geranium by cuttings can start by taking a sprig. The geranium cutting is so simple that you don't need to buy any rooting hormones. All instructions are available on the dedicated pagecutting of geranium.

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