Why eat honey in the fall: tips and recipes

Why eat honey in the fall: tips and recipes

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The honey it is a very precious food for our health, so rich in properties that it is useful in all seasons of the year and in all those of life. Both the elderly and the little ones can enjoy it without problems, indeed, enjoying the benefits that each of its spoon brings us. Why eat honey in the fall is it particularly good?

Now let's find out and if you don't already eat it, this is the right period to start doing it. It is not necessary to ingest it in spoonfuls directly from the jar, as the sweet tooth do, myself included, but it can be used to prepare sweets and biscuits, to sweeten a cup of milk or any hot drink.

Honey is a real multipurpose natural remedy that can take the place of refined sugars and all sweeteners giving us jars of health, without sacrificing taste.

Why eat honey in the fall: tips

Ever since it was invented, honey is believed to be one precious source of energy, strength and vitality, just what you need to go through the autumn period unscathed, characterized by humid weather, uncertain and unpredictable temperatures, rain and wind, and a little bad mood or melancholy. Honey also heals this with its sweetness. There are some types of honey that are particularly recommended, such as strawberry tree honey, a little bitter but perfect for breakfast and very valuable for the health of our colon. The carob honey it is instead recommended for bowel cleansing. There is a type of honey for almost every ailment, before discovering them let's see the basic properties of this food.

With a simple spoonful of honey a day in a herbal tea or in a glass of milk it is possible to obtain a strong preventive action for all autumn ailments. It cleanses the blood and invigorates the immune system whether you take it for breakfast or during the evening, or during the 5 o'clock tea break. The autumn herbal tea could be that of flowers, leaves and roots there arbutus which is also very powerful. It fights anti-arteriosclerosis, disinfects and disinfects the urinary tract and protects the liver. The thyme honey, with strong antibacterial properties, or that of medlar, dark and tasty.

Which honey to choose for autumn

If we are gods honey lovers, we can devote ourselves to tasting different ones every day but well aware that not all of them have the same properties. It can be interesting and useful to understand if there are any types of honey that are particularly suitable for the health conditions we are experiencing.

  • For the allergies, the right honey is wildflower honey which relieves symptoms and strengthens us. It is the most common honey and it is also the one that is usually liked best because it has a delicate and sweet flavor, more neutral than others.
  • For the circulation you need chestnut honey which also has a fortifying power and counteracts anemia. It has a very particular taste and does not always appeal to those looking for a sweet taste.
  • For cough and cold, the top is eucalyptus honey, particularly effective and capable of working miracles.
  • For the respiratory tract disorders serves the forest honeydew, a full-bodied and darker compound than the classic honey, produced by bees directly from the plant.
  • For power drops, it takes very special types of honey, not easy to find. That of alfalfa, rich in pollen, and that of rhododendron, useful against arthritis and as a calming agent for the nerve centers.

Why eat honey in the fall: recipes

If you are still not convinced to taste honey, here it is two recipes that will make you change your mind. The chestnut honey crepes and honey knots with pistachios.

For the crepes you need:

  • 2 eggs
  • 500 grams of cottage cheese
  • 8 marrons glaces
  • 15 grams butter
  • 200 grams of honey
  • 120 grams chestnut flour
  • 120 grams of flour

We work the white flour together with that of chestnuts, then add the eggs, 30 grams of honey, 3 deciliters of water, 10 grams of melted butter. We blend in order to have a fluid and homogeneous batter that must rest for 30 minutes before it can be cooked. Prepare a lightly buttered non-stick pan with a diameter of 18 cm and put our mixture to cook, one ladle at a time, turning it so that it is distributed evenly. So the crepe cooks well, let it brown on both sides and then prepare another, until the batter is finished.

Now you need the filling to prepare with honey and ricotta and marron glacé. We take a pot and mix the remaining honey with the ricotta, then add the crumbled marron glacé and continue to turn until we get a cream to spread on all the crepes that are served roll them up and with a touch of honey on top.

To prepare the honey and pistachio knots, delicious scented treats, they serve

  • 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder
  • 500 grams of honey
  • 350 grams of flour
  • 100 grams fresh pistachio
  • peanut oil
  • salt

We take half of the honey available and let it dissolve in a saucepan with 2 deciliters of water, a pinch of salt and a heaping teaspoon of cocoa, always over very low heat until boiling. When we can remove the pot from the heat, add the flour to rain and continue stirring to make it cool completely. We take the dough and knead it for 3 minutes and then roll it out creating a 3 mm thick layer to be cut into 1.5 cm strips, 16 cm long.

Before cooking them in a pan they must be knotted in the center, then fried in boiling oil until golden. Before serving them, let's dry them on absorbent paper and then put them on a tray with the rest of the honey melted in a water bath above. Pistachios are used to decorate, in quantities to taste.

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