Influence 2019: news, numbers and remedies

Influence 2019: news, numbers and remedies

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Each year has its peculiarities but it always shows up on time at our doors and makes massacres. There are news, fake news, inevitable, and even alarmism because the flu in the autumn as the "great heat" in the summer, is always the title. Instead, let's try to better understand the characteristics of this year's wave not so much to make us feel anxious but to try and prevent it and get prepared. Influence is one debilitating infectious disease for the whole organism, caused by viruses belonging to the Orthomixovirus genus. The idea offlu 2019 but it is not correct to not care at all, thinking that "a lot goes by", it must be treated by taking the time it takes to get back in shape.

Influence 2019: news

From the first information disclosed in recent days it would seem that this year the victims in Italy could be less. Usually there are more, this year it will be about 6 million citizens of various ages, especially the elderly and children, who will get sick, with more or less severe symptoms but which at the end of 2019 will prove to be more annoying than usual. The estimate was made at Assosalute.

The two virus variants that we will get used to hearing mentioned are the H3N2 (A / Kansas) e the H1N1(A / Brisbane). They are both often able to cause damage and complications, the second specializes in children, the first in the elderly, the categories that in any case are always the most affected every year. To this pair are also added variants that we already encountered last year, viruses B / Colorado and B / Phuket.

When you start talking about influence, in the media, it's easy to be "influenced" and think you've got it. To understand if our turn has really come, we must verify that our seasonal illness has certain characteristics, otherwise it will be a flu-like virus. The real flu causes a fever to rise above 38 degrees and symptoms, at least one, of the somewhat typical ones such as muscle aches, cough, sore throat, inflammation of the respiratory tract. These depend partly on the virus and partly on our propensity for one or the other problem. If we do not register this type of reaction from our body, it means that we are not among the millions of victims and we have only contracted one of the manyflu-like viruses which will be even more widespread and will reach at least 14 million people in Italy.

Flu 2019: what to do

The best way to prevent the flu is the flu vaccine, always appropriate but particularly necessary for the most fragile subjects both because of their age, very high or very low, and because of their physical condition. We do not expect it to be a total shield against the viruses that may be in circulation but it can save our lives and reduces mortality especially for the groups most at risk.

The Ministry of Health provides for a flu shot for individuals who want to reduce the possibility of getting sick and it is free for the categories at risk such as the elderly, children and people particularly prone to complications. However, anyone can request to do so, the best time is autumn, between October and December, in order to prevent the big wave that arrives when winter begins.

Again thanks to Assosalute we can enter the homes and heads of Italians and understand how they react to the flu. More than half of those who contract it give up and rest, take it self-medication drugs and if after 3 days he sees that it does not pass, he goes to the doctor to see if something different can be done. At the first symptoms, running to the doctor or even to the emergency room if you are not already in danger is only a way to hinder the health services, with the additional risk of infecting those in the waiting room with us.

Better to take self-medication first to alleviate the symptoms and follow thecourse of the disease, however, never use antibiotics without a specific medical prescription.

Flu 2019: prevention

To avoid being infected or at least to make the task of the current virus more difficult than ever, we must try to maintain a very high level of hygiene. Both domestic and personal. This therefore means paying more attention to the environment in which we live and to that of work, and then wash your hands carefully and try not to be coughed and sneeze. Public transport and crowded places are the ones most likely to be infected, this does not mean that it is necessary to shut up at home or become a hermit but just to be careful. But enjoying the company and the hours we spend around.

Flu 2019: what to eat

Viruses change from year to year but the recipes for trying to keep them away don't vary much. You need a diet rich in vitamins, especially of vitamin B and C that we find in fruit but not only. There are some supplements that can help us, some natural like fermented papaya, but I would try to set a healthy diet first, because it is the best way to strengthen your immune system and find our balance at the same time.

Alongside a healthy and regular diet, one is also needed physical activity constant and zero stress. If zero is impossible, we try to minimize it because it is also a factor that can make us at risk. It weakens us and makes us possible prey for the viruses of the year.

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