How not to strain your eyes in front of the PC

How not to strain your eyes in front of the PC

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Like it or not many of us are forced to go through several hours in front of the PC and, as if that were not enough, maybe even in the evening, for leisure, for bureaucracy or to see a film, you find yourself face to face with the screen again. While we may try to limit our computer use, it is also necessary protect yourself with a few tricks so that our eyes are not affected. Ideas for how not to strain your eyes in front of the PC should be part of the vademecum of each "office" worker because almost everyone suffers from it. It is not a mere effort that stops making itself felt as soon as we detach ourselves from the screen because it brings with it not indifferent consequences that affect our health.

Vision problems, of course, because the eyes are the part of our body to which we ask more, to which we ask to overcome ourselves and, even if we are satisfied, they do not go unharmed. Spasms or redness may appear, but the damage doesn't stop at the eyes, sadly. When we are in front of our computer staring at images and writings for too long we can feel a strong general physical fatigue, with headache and nausea. From a more cynical point of view, we must also take into account the fact that with tired eyes our productivity collapses, we end up making many more mistakes and being more irritable with colleagues.

How not to strain your eyes in front of the PC: environment

Let's see how to intervene on our office or home environment for minimize damage. First of all, let's take a look at thelighting verifying that it is the correct one. In addition to the light emanating from the computer screen, there are also those in the room we are in that affect our fatigue. Those to be avoided are excessively strong lighting sources or sunlight coming from outside.

We try to ensure that the environment around us is adequately lit, with a modest light. There is usually twice as much in offices as needed. We can improve the situation installing curtains or blinds, if it is the sunlight that annoys us, or by decreasing the number of bulbs or LEDs, or by choosing those with low intensity. The most suitable bulbs for our tired eyes are ground lamps or halogen lamps that provide more indirect lighting. If we can vary the position of our screen, we can arrange it so that the windows are not in front or behind but on the side.

Also there our posture it can affect the work we do to our eyes, we can go towards them by trying for example to position the sheets so that they are next to the monitor. The computer posture is tremendous for our health, very often it leaves us with tense necks and shoulders and latent back pain. Today there are ergonomic furnishings that guide us so that we can easily hold the correct distance from the screen computer, about 24 centimeters from the eyes. To avoid neck pain, the center of the screen should be about 10-15 degrees below the eyes.

How not to strain your eyes in front of the PC: screen

We can also intervene on the screen, for not strain your eyes in front of pc. Let's see how to adjust it optimally. Let's start adjusting its settings. Maybe we never put our hand to it, keeping the default ones, let's try now.

  • Brightness: it must be the same as the surrounding environment. We can help with a white background of a web page, it must not be a source of light.
  • Text size and contrast: depending on our view, but better always black font on a white background
  • Color temperature: to be reduced because the amount of blue light emitted decreases and consequently allows a more comfortable long-term vision. In fact, blue light has a short wavelength of visible light and strains our eyes more.

We also try to eliminate any reflections on the computer screen, even by choosing an anti-glare one. Those who wear glasses can count on anti-reflective lenses. If we have a dated computer, we try to get at least one with liquid crystal because i old CRT monitors they can cause a "flicker" and strain our eyes. The ideal size for a desktop pc would be 19 inches.

How not to strain your eyes in front of the PC: eyes

To avoid tiring them or for relieve discomfort, we can also intervene directly on the eyes for example by moistening them or loosening the sight.

Those who work at the computer blink less often, often in the offices there is also a rather dry air: every 20 minutes blink 10 times very slowly. In order not to stay focused on the screen for too long, let's take breaks for the eyes, every 20 minutes we watch an object at least one meter away for 20 seconds. For those who want, there are also glasses for the PC, especially useful if you normally wear contact lenses. If we are among the subjects at risk of eye fatigue, it is advisable that we do a complete eye exam to prevent or treat vision problems on the computer. The ideal would be once a year.

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