Christmas decorations: here are some ideas for a party to customize!

Christmas decorations: here are some ideas for a party to customize!

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There is nothing better than preparing for Christmas with some personalized decorations, which can be created by showing off your creativity. Also, do it yourself i Christmas decorations it is certainly a great way to spend time with the family and especially with your little ones, and save money for the decoration of this festive atmosphere.

But what if you have absolutely no idea how to proceed?

Don't be afraid: these diy christmas decorations you they are quite easy to make for anyone and… even for those people who are not familiar with these attempts at creative decoration.

Cupcake and cupcake wrappers

You know the cupcake and cupcake wrappers? They are easily found on the market, they are inexpensive and, above all, they will allow you to create impressive Christmas decorations! To do this, first, flatten the liners, and fold them in half. Then, stack three folded wrappers to form a kind of "tree", which you will then need to fix with hot glue. Finally add a paper star to the top, and secure the trees created with the cupcake lining with string or staples.


If you want to decorate the kitchen in a creative and typically Christmas way, you can also create a spaghetti tree. But how to do it? Roll up a piece of cardboard so that it takes the shape of a cone, then hot glue it and put a dot of hot glue on the base as well, where you will attach the spaghetti. Have a chance to glue the spaghetti at a time concentrically until you reach the top. Once you are done, you can optionally apply spray paint of the color you like to finish off your work. Don't forget to add a star on top of your creation!

Candle with cinnamon stick

There is nothing like the spicy smell of cinnamon to get you fully into the Christmas spirit! To take advantage of it with a nice personalized Christmas decoration, you will need a large pillar candle, which you can easily find on the market, a bundle of large cinnamon sticks slightly smaller than the main candle, a ribbon and a hot glue gun . To start, put a small amount of hot glue on a cinnamon stick and place it on your candle. Once you have put the cinnamon sticks all around, tie them with a bit of tape around it to help keep everything secure. You can complete the look of your creation with a few evergreen sprigs or small pine cones.

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Citrus ornaments

Instead of throwing citrus peels in the trash, you can turn them into fragrant and perfectly suited ornaments to add charm and warmth to your home Christmas spirit. But how to do it? It's simple: use cookie cutters to trace the shapes on the citrus skin and then cut them out with a sharp knife. Let them dry on a tray for a few days, then string them on a piece of string for a garland or pierce them with a metal hanging ornament hook.

Cardboard house

Another Christmas decoration that you can easily make is that of a cardboard house that can replicate those - certainly tastier - gingerbread. Take a box, possibly square, and to get the front and back of the roof, cut the corners of two opposite flaps to form a triangle. Then glue the two remaining uncut sides to the triangles, and then to each other. Use chalk markers or paint with another type of gouache to decorate your gingerbread house… cardboard.

Christmas saplings

As a place card or as a truly original centerpiece, you can create Christmas trees with colored paper. The idea is simple but captivating enough: you just need to fold some sufficiently strong paper ad hoc and then decorate its tip by gluing a star, also made of paper, or other material that you have available in your home. If you wish, you can glue another card with the name of your diner into the base, thus transforming this decoration into a pleasant place card for your table.

Cardboard reindeer head

The reindeer head is certainly one of the main Christmas symbols and, therefore, introducing it inside your apartment could certainly represent an appropriate choice for those who want to make the atmosphere of their home more "Christmas". Of course, it is not necessary to buy a stuffed one on the market! Instead, it is possible to revisit this symbol in a more modern and more personalized way through the use of cardboard: a little patience and a good pair of scissors will certainly give you a hand to get the desired result, to be personalized with a wreath or with others elements that will guarantee you to reach your destination faster and with greater satisfaction!

Advent Calendar

The Advent calendar is one of the favorite symbols of children during this Christmas period. Understanding why is easy, given that on each of the days that separate December 1 from Christmas they will have the opportunity to get a daily surprise. Well, to create your Advent calendar it is certainly not necessary to buy one on the market, but you can make it simply by closing paper bags or cardboard boxes, a small gift for your loved ones.

We hope these tips may have been useful for you to be able to create some DIY Christmas decorations, in view of the upcoming holiday season!



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