How to eat less sugar and why

How to eat less sugar and why

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Learning is something different from going on a diet how to eat less sugar, the goal is to get to consume the right amount, the one that the World Health Organization itself recommends if you want to preserve your health, including your teeth and skin. Never more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, this is the indication that we should try to follow, with the due and humane exceptions that must not become the new rule.

How to eat less sugar

Later we will see specifically what it means to overdo the sugars and the consequences that sooner or later we find ourselves paying if we do not take control of the situation. It is not a question of delusions of bodily perfectionism but of health parameters. But first we will see what to eat there correct amount of sugar it is by no means something punitive, a few small rules are enough and we will then be free to eat what we want, celebrate birthdays, toast, indulge in sweets just to pamper ourselves.

Sometimes we ingest sugars without even being aware of it, like with sodas or juices or certain foods that lead our sugar balance astray without even much satisfaction. Together we will see some of these foul points to improve our management of the famous 6 teaspoons of sugar that must sweeten our days.

Fewer fizzy drinks, less sugar

Let's start immediately with the already mentioned carbonated drinks that we can consider like juices a real danger in terms of contained sugars. Some of us are used to drinking them instead of water, perhaps - in the case of juices - because they are thought to be rich in vitamins and therefore very healthy. I'm rich in vitamins but also sugars and if we drink them to quench our thirst we end up exceeding the limit of 6 teaspoons in an instant. Let's put in mind that these drinks are a whim, not a daily habit.

In a can of carbonated drink from 33 cl we find 7 teaspoons of sugar, we have already breached with a few sips. Water is and must be the liquid that first quenches us and if we really want to feel a taste, we can flavor it with citrus peel, mint leaves, with what we want naturally. Juices are less harmful than sodas also because they are more natural but let's limit their consumption anyway and choose those with few preservatives and zero added sugars.

Use natural sweeteners and less sugar

To understand how to eat less sugar, let's immediately look at how to replace sugar itself with alternatives that are not chemical. We are lucky: nature gives us sweet substances to use in coffee, herbal teas and various dessert recipes instead of sugar. The Xylitol it is perhaps the best known because it is also used in chewing gum. It is a product extracted from birches, strawberries, raspberries and corn that contains almost half the calories of sugar. We can use it without exaggerating otherwise it creates bloating and intestinal disorders.

There Stevia is a highly regarded natural sweetener. It is obtained from a plant present in Latin America, it even has zero calories and zero contraindications but can annoy its licorice aftertaste. The third natural alternative isErythritol, produced by the fermentation of sugars naturally present in fruit. It does not contain calories, has no flavors and aftertaste, has no contraindications, is 100% vegetable origin.

Choose dairy products with less sugar

Are you sure that less fat also means less sugar? When we choose yogurt and derivative products from milk, including ice cream, we often aim for light ones, assuming that they are also those that have less sugar, the problem is that it works just the opposite. Less fat often means more added sugar, the choice is yours!

Fewer ready-made sauces, less sugars

When we learn how to eat less sugar, we often end up eating better in general, for example by eliminating some products already made, replacing them with the homemade ones. A very significant example is that of sauces, at the supermarket there is a slew of ready-made sauces that are a luxury and a salvation for those who come back late and want a plate of pasta. Too bad they contain added sugars, among other things, in an insidious way because from their taste one would not say so much they are perhaps salty or bitter. Speaking of condiments, also pay attention to vinegar, wine or honey does not create problems while balsamic is to be sipped if you want to eat less sugar.

Wine or sugary cocktails?

If we are not teetotalers, at the aperitif we should choose a classic glass of wine, or rather a beer, without being tempted by one of the many colorful cocktails which often contain an impressive amount of sugars, and perhaps even preservatives and dyes. Nobody wants to experience the pleasant feeling of freedom of happy hour or after dinner, but it is right to at least be aware that opting for a cocktail means filling up on sugar.

Why eat less sugar

As promised at the beginning, we explain better why we are stubborn on the how to eat less sugar, arguing that it has little to do with swimsuit fitting or being thin. As the ancient Greeks teach us, in life we ​​need measure, also measure in what we ingest beyond our body weight. It's about staying healthy, which is much more important than showing off a sculpted and curvy body. When we exaggerate with sugars, we see but above all we feel it, we feel it with a series of symptoms that are certainly not pleasant.

First of all we are tired, tired for nothing. If too many sugars do not give energy but they make us weak because as soon as they enter the circulation we have a glycemic peak but then a collapse follows that makes us plunge into an unpleasant state of exhaustion. The skin also suffers from a sugar hangover which makes it difficult for it to perform its purifying function. To warn us that this is not the case, it is filled with blackheads, acne, irritation, enlarged pores and redness marks.

The signals that our body sends us when we are eating too much sugar are often difficult to connect to this problem, if you are not an expert. Think for example that just too much glucose in the circulation can do us come the cold even out of season, let us see in a blurry way and dry our mouth, with a sudden feeling of thirst. Sometimes to rebalance the concentration of glucose in the blood, our body asks us to urinate particularly frequently.

Another effect of sugar overdoses concerns our mind, our focus. When we take in too much glucose, we have energy fluctuations that make it difficult for us to stay focused, but that's not all. Sometimes they can also promote depression or cognitive impairments.

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