Shiba Inu: origins, character and price

Shiba Inu: origins, character and price

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Shiba Inu, literally from the Japanese, its language of origin, is the little dog, in name and in fact, and consequently also a good "bush dog". It is a canine breed belonging to the category of hunting dogs even if it keeps company, above all. Coming from the mountainous areas of central Japan, the Shiba Inu is precious, ancient, one of the oldest dogs of Japanese origin in the world, officially "Japanese native". Besides him, there are the Kai, Kiushu, Hokkaido and Shikoku, all "medium size", and theAkita Inu, the biggest. The Shiba Inu, for its small size, has always been involved in hunting small animals and birds, lately on our sofas it keeps us good company.

Shiba Inu: origins

We have already anticipated that it is of ancient origin, it Shiba Inu, but not that it would most likely come from China, and it would have landed in Japan between 6000 and 300 BC. Always endowed with endurance, speed and agility, all concentrated in a small volume of hair and muscles, this dog boasts a traditional occupation in the "hunting of birds, fallow deer and deer".

As the region, often mountainous, inhabited by him, has different characteristics, in size, color and morphology, but the veterinarian Doctor Saito has simplified our life by associating them all under the name of Shiba Inu. In 1932 the Nihon Ken Hozonkai (association for the conservation of the Japanese dog) which already in 1936 recognized this breed as national monument.

After the risk of extinction in the Second World War, it Shiba Inu it started to become more and more popular by landing in the United States, first of all, to then land and be loved also in England and Australia, both as a companion and hunting dog. It is slowly spreading across Europe, including Italy, Holland, Germany and France, knocking on the countries of the former Soviet Union.

Shiba Inu: character

Lively, surely, and alert, intelligent and cheerful, it is Shiba Inu despite being a hunting dog it is also a great sociable playful. Very loyal and affectionate, he binds a lot with his master and his family, while remaining suspicious of people unknown to him: therefore also excellent as a guard dog, this Shiba Inu.

It is a dog suitable for families and apartments but let's not forget that it is a type very dynamic, always ready to play, always vigilant: he cannot be kept a recluse, he must be given opportunities for recreation. Possibly not in solitude.

Shiba Inu: I wait

The small size of the Shiba Inu it does not make him give up a robust and very muscular physique. At the withers a male reaches up to 43 cm, maximum, weighing from 10 to 13 kg, the females are smaller and lighter. Both show a harmonious but watertight structure, very resistant. Musculature is a legacy of his hunter ancestors, only the muzzle is a bit pointed, making it pleasantly almost a fox. Its jaw remained powerful, suitable for catching game, striking triangular ears, with a slightly rounded tip, and tapered, very dark and deep dark eyes.

White Shiba Inu

White is one of the rare colors that cannot be found in Europe, if not in England. In general the hair of the Shiba Inu it has a medium length - punished if not respected - and various coloring possibilities. The most common is not white at all but red, then there is black, tan, and with superposition of urajiro, the typical arrangement of white. More common and accepted than Shiba Inu white is the sesame one, a very ancient color. In every color, however, the impression remains that you are dealing with a stuffed animal, with a hairy and always curled tail.

Shiba Inu puppy

Essential for it Shiba Inu puppy is the care of nutrition, especially after the first months, but always during weaning. This is to ensure proper growth of the puppy after the period in which it is protected because it receives antibodies from the colostrum breast milk. Then comes the stress, comes the dear changes: a difficult time that it Shiba Inu puppy he can cope better and with a high muzzle if we avoid subjecting him to further stress. For example, avoiding to let him stay too long in dirty outdoor environments that could be contaminated by bacteria and / or diseases that are dangerous for his health, in this phase of growth.

Even to eat well and in his bowl, it Shiba Inu he must learn it as a puppy, there are many strategies to convince him and being awake, it is not difficult to make him understand what to do.

In the meantime, farms of this breed are more and more widespread in the world, the first ones outside the homeland were born long ago in the United States, in Great Britain and Australia where the puppies are already much loved and numerous. In continental Europe it is Shiba Inu it is more difficult but Scandinavia, Belgium, Holland and Germany have many puppies that will conquer many families, Italy, Spain and France are taking an example, the countries of the East, lately, are curious.

Shiba Inu: price

Small but valuable, and not yet widespread, it Shiba Inu it has a rather high price, then however it does not involve large maintenance costs having no major health problems either dietary / behavioral needs. A Shiba Inu puppy today it has a price that varies from800 to 1400 euros. It depends on the degree of reliability and pedigree that each specimen can guarantee, from the country in which we buy it, to the breeding and its characteristics.

In health he is a very robust and very long-lived dog apartment dog, both for the size and for the affection it shows to man. Its coat is super easy to clean and tidy and you won't be spending much on it toilet nor in veterinary visits, if you choose the puppy well, with the necessary health certifications.

The Shiba Inu in the world of 4-legged hunters still today it is considered the best dog for hunting copper pheasant in the mountains and in general an eclectic hunter, excellent guard and alarm dog. Independent, stubborn and touchy, he loves to play a lot, however, and with children he becomes irresistibly nice, moreover he does not shed and adapts to all temperatures even if he does not disdain that of our house where to stay warm and in company, to make us parties.

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