How to read eBooks on your computer

How to read eBooks on your computer

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You like them eBook? You might like to read them on your computer display but reading some text documents is difficult and tiring for the eyes. Thus comes the format epubsure, pdf files are more versatile but the epub allows the display of the text optimized for the dispay with which you intend to read your own ebook.

If you are going to read yours eBook on your computer, here are some free tools that will allow you to open your e-books including the epub.

1) Caliber
Like Azard Desktop is free, Caliber is an open source for the organization, management and development of eBook. It supports numerous formats and allows synchronization between the gallery of eBook owned on the computer and that of most portable devices eBook reader.

2) Azard Desktop 11
AZARDI 11 Desktop Reader is a very young tool that has a wide support for the format ePub2 ed ePub3. Especially tested for the audio reading resources it offers. Available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

3) Desktop room
Stanza Desktop is a reader eBook for Windows operating systems. It is still in its beta version but can offer a clean and well-organized environment. The interface is designed for reading all types of digital publications: electronic books, newspapers, pdf files, epubs and web content.

4) Mobipocket Reader
A perfect software package for the most demanding, it is free and consists of various reading tools for PDAs, smartphones, mobile phones and eBook devices. It not only allows the reading and management but also the creation and organization of ebook and entire multimedia libraries.

In the list, Caliber and Mobipocket Reader are the heaviest but also the most complete software, both offer a user friendly interface, are intuitive, simple to use and just a click away! With the ebook it has never been easier to save paper and ink.

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