Toyota Prius v, the minivan of 2012

Toyota Prius v, the minivan of 2012

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Since its debut, the Toyota Prius it is among the most widespread ecological cars. 2012 is preparing to welcome a new model, the Toyota Prius V. It has been labeled as a "Bigger Prius“, But if you combine a Prius series sedan with the new Prius v this difference won't jump out too much. So why the Prius v it is bigger? The answer lies in the interior of the car, observing the internal dimensions you will notice a higher roof, a large console between the front seats and a much more spacious rear compartment. The renewed design of thelatest model of the Prius they give the car an unexpected spaciousness.

The design has improved and the mechanics maintain the same excellent characteristics as the others Prius models: a hybrid power supply that combines electric motor and petrol. The design improves the car's aerodynamics and performance so as to ensure a substantial decrease in consumption: the Prius model minivan weighs only 200 kg more than the sedan but guarantees a much more efficient load space when compared to consumption. The renovated and spacious cabin of the Prius v makes of the car Toyota the most suitable choice for families because it turns out to be a perfect five-seater. The cockpit is more airy and the seats are so comfortable that Wayne Cunningham, expert and critic of the portal he even said he wanted to install them in his living room.

There Toyota Prius v is the minivan version of the Prius sedan, it is estimated that on the US market it will be sold at a price of $ 29,900. Mechanical engineering enthusiasts will appreciate the various applications available at the time of purchase: an animation of the power flow that shows in real time when the electric or petrol engine is "driving”The front wheels. Another application indicates exactly how to optimize the fuel economy. The Toyota Prius v full optional it is equipped with numerous applications, according to the critics the only one that is not worth buying is the one that would regulate the parking mode.

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