Water purifiers, opinions and models

Water purifiers, opinions and models

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We are located in a wood, in the middle of a campsite. Where can we find drinking water? Planning a camping for several weeks in the open nature may be the dream of many boy scouts, but we certainly can't take dozens and dozens of liters of water with us. It is for this reason that in recent times, i water purifiers.

It is a tool that might appear to be a simple bottle but in reality it is much more. THE water purifiers transform the water of a stream into adrinking water: they remove bacteria and protozoa and sometimes greatly improve the taste of the water taken.

There are various models, light and compact, for one or two people. THE water purifiers are composed of a microfilter that works by purifying the water, some have a large filtering surface so as to guarantee purification rather fast, we speak a liter per minute. THE water purifiers they are perfect for practices such as camping, hiking up to climbing, trekking and large cycling tours. They can also be used by hunters and fishermen who spend most of their time away from home and want to keep safe hydration close at hand with drinking water.

They are usually equipped with a filter and a straw that contains the dirt. The various models adapt well to a more or less cloudy water. With the performance of the models, prices also vary, in fact for a good quality product, the price can range from around 80 euros up to over 300. However, there are models on the market "compact ", less expensive but cannot guarantee very high quality standards. THE water purifiers the most popular are those produced by Katadyn, they are very simple to use, light, compact and with an attractive design.

Some of the portable water purifiers with the best value for money:

  • Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

Price: it is proposed on amazon at the promotional cost of 84.90 euros with free shipping costs. The filter guarantees autonomy for 750 liters, enough to quench the thirst of two people for six months. According to user experiences, the Hiker Pro will produce cloudy water at the first filtering, due to the coals inside the filter, but the water will be clear from the second liter.

  • Katadyn Pocket Water Filter

The Katadyn Pocket Water Filter is offered at a price of 298 euros (the list price amounts to 329 euros), the filtering system can count on an additional filter given by a porous membrane where each hole has a diameter of only 0.2 microns. It can filter one liter of water per minute with a filtering capacity of 50,000 liters.

Water purifiers for domestic use

To purify tap water, professional filtering systems with activated carbon or reverse osmosis are available. These appliances are very complex and therefore very expensive, it comes to frigogasatori which have prices starting at 800 euros but also additional functions: they not only purify tap water making it tastier on the palate, but, on command, can also produce sparkling water. Other information:refrigerators, prices and models

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