Wind power, state-of-the-art turbines

Wind power, state-of-the-art turbines

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The wind turbines are transformed into works of art, the purpose? Raise awareness among Italians on renewable energy issues and bring them closer to wind energy. It was an internationally renowned artist who took the wind turbines and transformed them into art installations. Horst Gläsker, of German origin, has always worked between art and science and today it did not want to exclude sustainable technologies. He was the European founder of Pattern Art and today he has decided to give life to wind turbines.

In Italy, an ideological dualism has always reigned regarding wind energy. The dimensions of the blades have a great visual impact on the landscape, damage the birds and sometimes cause noise pollution. For these reasons, wind technology raises numerous concerns and creates a discrepancy among environmentalists themselves. This is why we aim to develop wind turbines more and more akin to nature.

The German artist wants to bring a jolt and finally break the dualism: wind turbines must be accepted as they are, they must not be "camouflaged"In landscapes, on the contrary, they must be a symbol of the modern era, they must become the protagonists of our landscapes. "Symbol of a new era, icon of a creative economy ", this is how Horst Gläsker describes the presence of wind turbines on our territories. It is for this reason that the artist decided to make the visual impact of a wind farm even bigger and he did so by giving life to the Aero-Art project.

The goal is the spread but above all the acceptance of wind farms. They should not be seen as "intruders" into the environment but as integral elements of it, despite the majesty of the structures they must be accepted and appreciated. Horst Gläsker expresses his desire to contribute to the spread of wind power on Italian territory, indeed, wind farms could be transformed into real art installations beautiful to look at and useful for the economy and the health of the planet. In this regard, Horst Gläsker has launched an appeal to the local producers of wind farms, saying he is interested in "make something for Italian landscapes»

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