Wind power, a sector that is not only black or white

Wind power, a sector that is not only black or white

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The controversies surrounding thewind power there are many: it produces noise pollution, damages the birds, disfigures the landscape assets and there have also been doubts about the safety of these installations. The controversy surrounding thewind energy, they are not all Italian.

If in Italy the insiders focus more on the damage to wildlife and the safety of the plant, in the US, the biggest problem is related to noise pollution.

Problem that reached its peak with a study on the damage that the noise produced by wind turbines could have on the health of those residing near wind farms. Of course the noise of a wind turbine can cause annoyance but from here to say that it could cause chronic disturbances on human health, it makes a difference. Fortunately, in Italy there are less controversies regarding health risks. There is talk of safety in the workplace, damage to birds but above all of disfigurement of the beautiful country's landscape assets.

Controversy that, according to many lovers of Italian cultural heritage and landscape assets, have neither head nor tail: there are hundreds of Italian landscape assets that are not protected and the installation of wind power plants does not worsen the situation if such installations they are seen as integral parts of the landscape and not as foreign objects as the illegal open-air landfills that populate certain landscapes of southern Italy could be.

With regard to safety at work, awareness raising practices are a must: in a rapidly expanding and relatively young market like the Italian one, which currently occupies more than 29,000 employees and expects to reach 67,000 by 2020, the issue of security is very important. 2011 ended with a conference dedicated to safety at work in the sector ofwind power. In Bari, where some companies, among which GE Energy stands out as a leader, will dedicate an ad hoc training course for each employee. A path that provides adequate education of at least 80 hours a year. In the field of safety in renewables, emergency simulations, half-yearly audits and other preventive measures are planned.

As for the damage that the wind farms provide wildlife, estimates could drop drastically with the adoption of the mini wind which would also almost completely eliminate the problem of noise pollution. In conclusion, wind energy is the cheapest on the market, we should move more and invest in this field, rather than hindering the development of a sector that could really give so much.

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