How to become a hunting guard

How to become a hunting guard

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If you love nature and want to combat poaching, illegal waste disposal and illegal animal trade, the hunting guard is the professional figure that best suits you. The Environmental Supervision of WWF it is made up of about 350 hunting guards.

These are volunteers active throughout the national territory, divided into 49 provincial units. The hunting guards they work in close collaboration with the various judicial authorities and generally it can be said that their role consists in the protection of the territory, the fauna and flora.

For become a hunting guard it will be necessary to follow a specific course. Usually associations or provinces directly organize training lessons at the end of which a certificate will be issued thanks to which you can ask your own region or district to become hunting guard. Before taking any course, make sure it is recognized by the region in which you intend to operate.

Who can to become a hunting guard? All citizens of age, who have finished compulsory school and who are persons of good moral conduct, in fact the criminal record of the applicants hunting guards it must be crystal clear. The aspiring guards must have a certificate of psycho-physical fitness that will be issued by the competent ASL. The certificate must specify the words "psycho-physical suitability to perform voluntary security guard duties"Or an equivalent declaration.

Regions often collaborate with the WWF to set up new provincial centers and to organize new training courses. An example of this is the course to be held in May in Milan where the Lombardy region is organizing a training course for aspiring Hunting Guards. The duration of the course may vary, in the aforementioned case of a 14-hour stretch divided into 6 lessons that will take place at the WWF Italy headquarters in the Lombardy section.

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