How to ship a motorcycle

How to ship a motorcycle

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How to ship a motorcycle:how much it costs, services for Italy and abroad. Alternative options to the courier: sending a motorcycle by train or by ship. All information to research a safe and reliable shipping method to transport a motorcycle over long distances.

You might be interested in:macingo, the motorcycle transport that cuts costs. The service that i motorcycle shipping costs lower than the market.

Have you sold your motorcycle on ebay or are you planning a trip and don't want to give up the practicality of two wheels? Again, another circumstance that could trigger the need to seek information on the shipping a motorcyclelies in the purchase: if you have seen a motorcycle abroad and want to buy it to circulate here in Italy, remember that you will have to carry out the procedures for importing the vehicle by registering a new one with the PRA.

Ship a motorcycle it is by no means a difficult undertaking, there are various couriers and transport companies on the market that offer this service, you will only have to choose the one that is right for you by comparing the cost of the service and its quality.

On the web there are hundreds of services they offer shipments of scooters or motorcycles. The problem lies in identifying the cheapest but above all the safest. Motorcyclists love their vehicle and would never entrust it to unsafe hands. This is why we at our website scoured the web looking for the best and safest offers for ship a motorcycle, however, the courier is not the only way to ship the bike, so we will examine the other options later.

How to ship a motorcycle, the courier

How to ship a motorcycle? The most appropriate but also the most expensive way to ship a motorcycle to Italy or abroad is to rely on a specialized company.

The first service we report is offered by TNT, it is called Scooter Express and ships motorcycles, scooters and other vehicles, on national territory and also outside the Italian borders. For the shipment the bike is placed in a special metal cage, packed and sealed with straps that prevent any movement so as to avoid any damage.

How much?
Prices for Italy vary according to the seasons and range from a minimum of 195 euros to a maximum of 460 euros.

Another service is offered by a specialized company exclusively for motorcycle shipment and scooters. If TNT deals with shipments in general, MOTO HELP was born for ship a motorcycle everywhere with professionalism and transparency, in fact the service offers a coverage of € 2000 in case of scratches or damage during transport.

How much does it cost to ship a motorcycle with moto help?
The minimum price for shipping is € 189.00 but the company also offers "last-minute deals" that occur when a courier has already covered a certain route.

If you still don't know how to ship a motorcycle, because you are not entirely convinced of the price, you can get a personalized quote based on the route that you will have to travel motorcycle. See the links below.

Motorcycle shipment: the alternative courier

Update: excellent offers and low costs have been found on the portalspedingo.comit is worth starting from here with the estimates because in some cases the cost proposed by the spedingo service for themotorcycle shipmentcan deliver savings of up to 70% over the competition. Spedingo is a service that connectsSupply and demandfully optimizing the load of Italian transport companies, so it is not a "courier" but a service that can be seen a bit like thebla bla carof road hauliers. To better understand the service offered by spedingo, please refer to the page "Low cost shipments that cut polluting emissions“.

How to ship a motorcycle abroad

For send the motorcycle abroad you can use the same visa services for national shipments, obviously the costs change. The cost of a shipment (one way), varies according to the country of destination. Taking advantage of the TNT Scooter Express price list we would like to point out that for ship a motorcycle in Germany, France, Greece, Austria, Benelux, Denmark or Spain around 600 euros will have to be paid. To ship a motorcycle to Sweden, the price rises to 726 euros, per ship a motorcycle in Portugal, spending increases again to around 850 euros while for more distant foreign destinations such as Finland, the motorcycle shipping cost rises to 1089 euros.

How to ship a motorcycle by train

For motorcycle shipments on national routes there are no options:Trenitaliaallowed the transport of motorcycles but suspended the service in 2011. Italo has never offered the transport of motorcycles or scooters.

Who wants to ship themotorbike in trainit can do this only if the route to be covered is in France (Tgv Europe), in Germany (DB Bahn) or if the motorcycle has to arrive from Italy to Vienna: OBB Austrian Federal Railways offers motorcycle shipping from Livorno and Verona to Vienna .

How to ship a motorcycle by ship

Almost all ferry companies offer vehicle transport. For send your motorbike by shipHowever, a user will be required to take care of the loading and unloading of the vehicle personally.

How to transport a motorcycle: the tow hook

If your car is equipped with a towbar you can rent a special trolley for the transport of scooters and motorcycles. Alternatively, you could consider renting a van and take care of the transport yourself. In this case, you will have to add fuel costs and the various motorway tolls to the rental costs.

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