How to become a Naturopath

How to become a Naturopath

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We often hear about psychophysical well-being and natural remedies, it is precisely in this regard that schools of naturopathy but who is the naturopath? What does this professional figure do? And above all, how does one become a Naturapata?

According to the analyzes of the European Union, in the field of health care personnel, new job prospects will open up; in particular, the EU guidelines highlight the employment opportunities for those who will be able to use those methods linked to a human-scale approach and above all, for operators who will approach the axis of psychosomatic vision.

But what is the Naturopathy? It is undoubtedly a discipline bionatural which is inspired by the holistic vision of mind and body and exploits all natural means to put them at the service of psychophysical well-being and to improve the quality of life daily. Today it is seen as an excellent adjuvant for health and well-being and an effective method for the prevention of numerous diseases.

Statistical data of both national (ISTAT) and international relevance (surveys carried out by the World Health Organization), have found that more and more people rely on unconventional forms of medicine, thus, a third of the population, for taking care of their health, relies on acupuncture, homeopathy, herbal medicine and the like.

With the sector of "natural well-being“, A professional figure appears who has skills in the treatment techniques that are related to Eastern and Western Traditions, a wellness operator who fully embraces the laws of Nature. This is how the Naturopath.

Where does the Naturopath? It operates in gyms, spas, beauty centers, fitness centers, public care facilities but also in homes for children and the elderly, in medical offices and other similar environments. The areas in which it operates can be of an educational type, through information and awareness campaigns to know and manage one's own psychophysical balance and operates in the field of assistance and lends its assistance in the structures mentioned above.

Today in Italy the professional figure of the Naturopath. There is no national framework, however there are regional regulations in Lombardy, Tuscany, Emilia Romagna and Liguria, laws that are only waiting to be operational so as to legally recognize the professional of the Naturopath and consequently, schools and training processes for the recognition of this role.

Among the main ad hoc training courses, we point out the School of Naturopathy of the Riza Institute, sponsored by the Italian Society of Psychomatic Medicine and by the Italian Society of Wellness Sciences. The course is aimed at tutors, physiotherapists, nutritionists, personal trainers, professionals in the beauty sector but also herbalists and similar figures. The courses are three-year and are active in Milan, Turin, Verona, Bologna and Rome. Once the training process is completed, through the Italian Federation of Riza Naturopaths, the candidate will be able to access the University Seminar Course for Naturopaths, organized byUniversity of Milan.

The Riza school is directed by a highly qualified scientific committee that sees professors from Italian and foreign universities. The president of the institute is Dr. Raffaele Morelli while the role of director is entrusted to Dr. Vittorio Caprioglio.

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