Wind Farm in Africa

Wind Farm in Africa

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In the northern part of Kenya, in an arid area, the largest will soon rise wind farm of the whole of Africa. The project involves the preparation of about 365 wind turbines arranged near Lake Turkana, the largest desert lake in the world.

When we talk about Africa, there are many other images that come to mind: the Kenya is a state in East Africa, Nairobi is its capital. The population is divided into more than seventy ethnic groups, just think that in a country four different languages ​​are spoken.

Investors intend to exploit the potential of winds blowing at an average speed of 11 meters per second. The project is not that new, in fact, it took seven long years to conduct all the studies related to planning and organizing the necessary funding. To build the wind power plant it will take 775 million dollars.

The first wind turbines will be installed in June, a road of 204 km will be built on a preliminary basis, the road will indirectly serve the plant: without it the trucks would not be able to transport the materials for setting up the park! The site is so remote that to date there are no adequate roads for heavy vehicles.

It is estimated that the trucks will have to make about 12,000 trips to transport everything needed. The site where the wind power plant it is not well connected with the rest of the Kenya and for this reason another problem arises: an electrical connection that brings the energy generated to the urban center. For this purpose, a 426-kilometer line will be installed before June which will guarantee the transmission of clean electricity up to the national network.

The Spanish government and that of the Kenya. The project should bear the first fruits in 2014 with the production and distribution of clean electricity. At first, 50 MW of energy will be produced and then moved to a production of 300 MW by 2015.

The preparation of the wind farm in Kenya, it will be of great use to the country, it will give a great boost to the local and national economy. New jobs will be created, infrastructures will be developed and the State of Kenya will be able to count on various benefits, the main one is called "progress".

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