How to grow a vegetable garden in a bottle

How to grow a vegetable garden in a bottle

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You have a green thumb but you lack a patch of land where you can cultivate your seedlings? If you have a couple of plastic bottles you have solved your problem and are ready to cultivate a vegetable garden in the bottle. A practice to do at home and at school.

Growing a vegetable garden with this method is not only a great way to recycle the bottles but it is also a solution for those who have no space to set up a real vegetable garden. Of course, those who have a balcony or a terrace may prefer the cultivation in pots, but who does not even have those and lives in a two-room apartment? The solution was created to recycle PET plastic but can give pleasant satisfaction to those who cultivate.

Instructions for cultivate a vegetable garden in the bottle.

  • Get a plastic bottle.
  • Cut the top off the bottle (about 10cm).
  • Drill a central hole on the bottom of the bottle.
  • Insert the top of the bottle into the bottom of the bottle with the tip upwards.
  • Fill the bottle with potting soil and mix it with water in order to obtain a compact soil.
  • Make sure that the soil is at least 5 cm above the tip of the bottle stuck inside.
  • Insert the plant inside the bottle

Important tips for cultivate a vegetable garden in the bottle.
Drainage: make sure you have made the hole in the bottom of the bottle. It is also used to let the air into the soil.
Place a saucer under each bottle to avoid soiling the floor.
Now you just have to prepare the bottles for eco-sustainable reuse.

This practice has also been successfully proposed by the state didactic direction of Rosà (VI) where the teachers, together with the pupils, have managed to obtain beautiful bottled gardens. While the Expo is expected to bring educational gardens to the courtyards of Italian schools, other teachers can take an example from the Vicenza school complex.

In the wake of bottled gardens, the elegant and trendy Grow Bottles were born that recycle old glass bottles to bring oregano, basil, parsley and other herbs into your home. Each bottle costs around 28 euros.

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