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Free eBook for sustainability

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To promote eco-sustainable development, there are those who have thought of offering free electronic books. Eco-sustainable communication has a lot to offer to modern society, we often talk about sustainability but the real key to development green bears the name of sustainability. This is what the project proposes Axía in his Free eBook.


L'ebook in question is called "Axía: learning from diversity, creating value for Italy", Is a 253-page book that recounts the experience of an innovative model of collaboration between university research and the company.

Science is the engine ofinnovation and to prove it is a project started in 2008 that works on three reference areas: nutrition, sustainability and multiculturalism. The project is led by the IULM University of Milan and by Federico II of Naples.

The project Axía it involves 500 teachers and 117 researches. It was born in 2009 with the aim of increasing social responsibility without underestimating the values ​​of sustainable communication, two resources that could create value and opportunities.

Axía is promoted by Nestlé in collaboration with CRUI (conference of the Rectors of Italian Universities) and inebook free to download directly from the official portal of the project, you will find a lot of information on virtuous values ​​that can be real resources for our country.

By choosing the ebook, not only will the phenomenon of deforestation be counteracted but water saving will be favored: 106 billion liters of water are used to produce paper.

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