Biocase friends of nature and technology

Biocase friends of nature and technology

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An Arcadia biohouse

Wood, natural materials, active walls is ventilated facades for a perfect isolation from cold, from hot and come on noises. Today the natural house that protects without polluting is an achievable dream. There biohouse it's a organism that breathes, robust, healthy, a comfortable environment, a source of vital energy. It lasts a lifetime and is renewed in harmony with the nature, because the materials with which it is built come from renewables such as the forest, and can be recycled with processes a low environmental impact. The biocasa is also a building energy efficient and also allows you to save on heating and cooling costs.

There biohouse is a friend of technology. Of the home automation particularly. He takes the example from the natural environment, the beautiful ideas from man. A prefabricated building according to the criteria of green building it can accommodate any type of system or accessory. You can also decide to introduce dedicated systems, home automation equipment, of centralized suction you hate controlled ventilation, thermal solar panels is photovoltaic, geothermal systems and safety devices. The biohouse is a friend of technology because technology is a friend ofenvironment.

“The beauty is that we don't have to invent anything because nature already provides us with everything we need”, say da Arcadia Homes, a company based in Busco, in the province of Cuneo, specializing in the production of biocases in project green building. “From nature we have the sun to warm us and to produce energy; water to quench our thirst, for hygiene and irrigation; wood and natural materials to protect us and provide us with a good defense against atmospheric agents, heat and cold. We have the task of making the best use of these resources, preserving them from exhaustion, in balance with the environment and nature ".

The biohouse breathes

The bio-house in green building is an organism that lives, and that is why it breathes. The particular structure of the Arcadia biocase allows the complete air exchange under normal use conditions. There stratigraphic composition of the walls is designed to guarantee the open diffusion to vapor and favor its natural outflow, avoiding the formation of condensation and mold. At the same time, thehumidity is naturally adjusted by always ensuring the ideal climate inside the house. In addition to the walls, also the ventilated roof "Breathe", thermally insulating the entire building and its inhabitants. The biohouse is warm in winter and cool in summer.

The bio-house is built with natural materials

The basic materials of Arcadia biocase I am the wood, the mineral wool, the cellulose fiber, the Wood fiber and the fibrous plaster. The timber is the best in the world and all come from coniferous forests where harvesting is managed in a controlled and sustainable way.

For the insulation, only natural materials with high performance. There rock mineral wool it embodies strength and endurance, combined with a high thermal insulation typical of wool. Thanks to its open cell structure, it is also a great material sound absorbing. There cellulose it is able to satisfy thermo-acoustic insulation and living comfort requirements with above average performances. There Wood fiber, completely natural, is the best solution ecological is bio-compatible for a sound insulation and in harmony with nature. Fiber gypsum is a composite material consisting of a homogeneous blend of high quality gypsum and cellulose fiber. Able to improve the living comfort, to absorb and yield ambient humidity without deteriorating over time, the plates in fibrous plaster are easily workable, resulting in time and cost savings.

For plasters, Arcadia Biocase uses only transpiring mineral substances based on natural hydraulic lime; which in addition to the very pleasant aesthetic appearance, have exceptional qualities of breathability, hygroscopicity and porosity.

The bio-house is economical

The biocase are buildings ad high energy saving is low environmental impact. In the Arcadia prefabricated buildings, L'thermal insulation it is up to 9 times higher than that of traditional houses, with a saving of up to 90% of heating costs. The absence of thermal bridges avoids the formation of condensation and mold, the times of thermal displacement very high (from 9 to 22.5 hours) guarantee the living comfort even in summer. The possible adoption of geothermal systems, photovoltaic, of induction heating, of water recovery and collection, small wind power, etc ... will further improve the energy performance


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