How to open an eco-friendly bar

How to open an eco-friendly bar

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Have you decided to open a bar? You could evaluate the idea of ​​combining the entrepreneurial choice with respect for the environment and sustainability. Maybe if you already have a bar, you can adapt it to the new ecological needs. Here are some ideas for open a bar in the name of sustainability.

How to open an eco-friendly bar. Electrical system
Install solar panels on the roof of the bar allows you to cut down one of the dreaded passive expenses of your business. Dishwashers, lights, cooling or heating systems unfortunately have a significant impact on the outputs.
The sun is free, and photovoltaics allows you to convert solar energy into electricity, with a consequent reduction in the Enel bill.

How to open an eco-friendly bar. The furniture
The costs to open a bar are quite high, but you can save money withvintage decor. The counter must be professional and equipped, but it is possible to buy it used. Even tables and chairs, if suitable for a public establishment, can be bought used or even better, you can use thefurniture from recovery, just as shown in the picture.

How to open an eco-friendly bar. Energy saving
There are many ways and tricks useful for the green bar economy. Disposable products should be avoided: plates, cutlery and glasses must always be reusable. Paper napkins cannot be replaced, but the alternative exists and is recycled paper suitable for the kitchen. There are all colors or very white.

How to open an eco-friendly bar. Separate collection
First you need to equip the bar with containers for separate waste collection: it doesn't cost much, but it's a great gesture for the environment. It can be a business card for its customers with a clean and committed image.

How to open an eco-friendly bar. Products
The products served must be sustainable: organic fruit juices, fresh fruit, salads, organic bread and zero-kilometer foods. In this way, healthy food will be offered to customers, which they will surely appreciate.

Eco-friendly menu
The bar menu can be printed on recycled paper with natural inks and, fundamentally, not be disposable but reusable.
Better yet, why not use a nice old-style blackboard to remove the paper from the room? These are just small tricks, useful for making the bar respectful of the environment. Maybe not only the environment will thank you but also the customer who is sensitive to eco-sustainability.

More tips for open a sustainable bar
What would you say to discount customers who come to your bar with one bicycle? Your bar will thus become a reference point for all cyclists in the city, you will have your profits and the city will be encouraged to mobilize on the pedals. Again, those who return to the counter with their glass will pay half: one less dish to wash, more water saving and more respect for the environment!

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