Edison Green Movie: actively sustainable cinema

Edison Green Movie: actively sustainable cinema

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There are those who pollute and waste without much thought, then plant trees somewhere in the world. Well, good, nice, but in this way you wash your conscience, or try to do it, while your daily behaviors remain unsustainable. Sustainability it is another thing, an active behavior, for example Green Movie.

All true that it cannot be truer, but what is it Green Movie? From the film and video game production house Storm they describe it like this: a European protocol of behavior that allows making a film not only 'a zero emissions', But'actively sustainable'. The project Green Movie was conceived by Storm with the important collaboration of Edison and the scientific advice of Zero CO2. For this reason he was called Edison Green Movie.

“There are already films that claim it zero carbon footprint, but we are interested in going further ”, say da Storm. “We are studying the possibility of making films with a new attitude, because we are convinced that we are not the only ones asking ourselves: is it possible to make a film that weighs less on the world? How should I do? "

The reader is probably thinking: something will change if a film set tries to save, use sources renewable, Do not pollute? Come on, let's be serious, you want me to be facing the rivers of carbon dioxide that we throw up on the world? Know that a Storm they expect the question and respond as follows.

True. But when we started thinking about it, we had another, simple idea in mind: the set of a film is a caravan, a mobile village, which mimics and reproduces almost everything that happens in a real city. On the set we eat, paint, sew, produce energy, build and destroy, get wet and dry ... Invent a sustainability protocol for a film set it is like studying the impact of a contemporary village: it becomes, scientifically, a model. And then, it may be too little, but if someone doesn't start, how can we expect another to try? "

To create a scientifically correct, applicable and replicable protocol, however, technical skills and experience in the field of energy and renewables. Edison, a company traditionally committed to creating a widespread culture on climate and energy saving, enthusiastically joined the project. "The project Edison Green Power is confirmation of our company's commitment to spreading the culture of sustainability even in environments other than the energy business ", says Francesca Magliulo, Edison's Head of Corporate Responsibility.


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