Green companies: only 10 out of 100 according to TZ Impact Growth

Green companies: only 10 out of 100 according to TZ Impact Growth

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The Deloitte ranking according to the 5 green maturity levels

Ricoh, Unilever, Nike, Puma, Nestlè and Natura are the only companies ready for the green economy according to "Toward Zero Impact Growth " of Deloitte. Applause to these six, the overall result is not encouraging: in fact, considering that the sample of the analysis was 65 companies, less than 10% of organizations show that they have actually taken measures to review their business plans in favor of sustainable growth.

Research "Towards Zero Impact Growth - Strategies of leading companies in 10 industries”Was born from the collaboration between the consulting firm Deloitte and Volans, another consulting firm specializing in green issues. It was John Elkington, founder of Volans, who coined the term "zeronaut " to label the companies that have decided to achieve the goal zero impact; and it is on this definition that Deloitte built the monitoring model "Zero Impact Growth Monitor (ZIG-M)" used for research.

In addition to the existence of the 6 virtuous cases, the 2012 Deloitte report highlights how the majority of companies do not have clear ideas and do not know how to develop a strategy aimed at sustainable growth. There are also many organizations that have embraced the green to improve their image, not to really be. Overall, there is a lack of coherent definitions and descriptions which would be useful for companies to adequately explain sustainability efforts.

ZIG-M provides five levels of maturity: "Eureka - Seeing the opportunity ","Experiment - Exploring new ways of doing business ","Enterprise - Creation of new business models ","Ecosystem - Start of new and collaborative markets "and, finally,"Economy - Flipping the economic system to a more sustainable state ". Ricoh, Unilever, Nike, Puma, Nestlè and Natura they have all reached the "Economy" level, which identifies the adoption of an effective strategy to create zero-impact growth. The 65 organizations surveyed in 2012 are all leading companies.

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