Bamboocycle, the bamboo bicycle

Bamboocycle, the bamboo bicycle

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Those who love cycling probably love the outdoors and also nature. By simply moving with his vehicle, he becomes the unwitting promoter of a healthy and eco-sustainable lifestyle.

Is there a greener vehicle than a bicycle? More environmentally friendly than a bike there is only one other bike, but made with materials sustainable. This is the case of bamboo bicycle. Thanks to Mexican designer Diego Cardenas, we can ride on one citybike Bamboocycle, whose external structure is made up entirely of ecological elements.

Completely ecological: not just a means of transport that does not produce harmful emissions, but also built in natural bamboo. All the bamboo necessary for the construction of the frame was collected in Veracruz, near Mexico City. They have been carefully selected and treated to ensure maximum resistance to all weather conditions and also to wear, traction and bad weather.

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Bamboocycle, data sheet.

  • Carbon fiber reinforced steel joints have been inserted for greater efficiency and durability.
  • The wheelbase distance has been reduced to facilitate movement in extremely small spaces.
  • The S steering system has been designed so that the change of direction becomes quick and precise in all directions.
  • The riding position has been designed to pedal fast and snappy.
  • It has a total weight of less than 8 kilograms which make this pedal vehicle manageable and safe to drive.
  • There bamboo bicycle it is available in different colors and with different variations of accessories and customizations. Versions have been made for both men and women.
  • Since each bamboo is different from the others, Bamboocycle it is handmade and is therefore unique in its kind.
  • The bamboo bike costs about 600 euros, subject to change based on the exclusivity of the choice.

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There Bamboocycle is the maximum expression of the balance between technology and nature. There are those who think that pedaling is not enough to be respectful of the environment but rather, you should pedal on a bike that matches your green style!