Low cost shipments that cut emissions

Low cost shipments that cut emissions

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Among the most typed questions on Google we find "how to ship a bicycle" or again, "how to ship a motorcycle“; no one wonders that impact has onenvironment, however I delete the CO2 emissions related to transport, you have the opportunity to save up to 70% on shipping!

Saving is made possible by, the marketplace ecological of transport. The portal connects those who need to ship bulky items with transport companies that have space available on their vehicles. This system guarantees an extra profit to the transport company, a big saving for the user who needs to ship the object and a clean cut of harmful emissions.

According to a Eurostat estimate, more than 25% of heavy vehicles on our roads travel completely empty and more than 50% still have space for cargo. By promoting the meeting between supply and demand it will be possible to fill these gaps and implement a good environmental practice. is a young Milanese startup, founded by the electronic engineer Marco Tamanti and by the Bocconian Marco Tontini. The two wanted to offer a concrete response to market and environmental needs. The use of e-commerce, ad portals and online auctions is increasingly widespread, so the need for more accessible shipping services is growing and sustainable. it gives companies the possibility of an extra income by assuring the users of shipping services an economic saving. This meeting of supply and demand has a positive impact on the environment: in times of energy crisis everything must be done to reduce the use of non-renewable sources such as diesel and other fossil fuels.

How to ship a motorcycle?
In the chronology of "last completed transports " we see that a user has managed to ship a motorcycle from Rome to Palermo covering a 938 kilometer route with a price of 190 euros, not to mention others bulky shipments like the one that has secured the distance of 600 kilometers (Castellammare di Stabia-Bologna) for only 150 euros.

To use the service, just enter your transport request and wait for offers from the various hauliers so as to choose the best proposal.

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