DIY solar energy

DIY solar energy

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Not everyone can afford one photovoltaic system domestic, but most of us can benefit from the sun by taking advantage of the various charging systems they integrate solar panels. In these cases, the expense is minimal and the benefits are many.

In your daily life, you don't just run washing machines, turn on the TV and use hot water. A good slices of electricity goes away to ensure charging for portable devices such as gaming platforms, tablets, notebooks, smartphones, ebook readers and so on ... What we recommend, to integrate thesolar power in your daily life, is the use of systems of photovoltaic setup. These systems can be chosen according to the needs and in many cases they can replace the very expensive generators that feed on electricity coming from fossil fuels.

Before buying any solar battery charger or create a setup system with our own hands, it is important to know our real electrical needs. To do this, we need to browse through the canned goods of the devices we intend to feed. To support a Wifi connection of a modem router, you will probably need at least 10 watts of power. The smartphonetypically require about 5 watts of power.

There are already pre-packaged devices on the market, ready to use, but if you intend to build your own, the maximum cost will be around 100 euros for a power of at least 100 watts. The first thing you need is an inverter with a power of at least 100 watts, the cost does not exceed 25 euros. You will also need a battery, one at 12 volts and 7 Ah has an average value of 15 euros. Obviously you will need the Solar Panel, if the area you live in is very sunny, you will want to get one with a charging regulator. The average price is around 60 euros.

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